Revolutionise Company Performance With OrderWise Business Intelligence

Basic CMYKTo help increase sales and maximise profitability, it is important for businesses to analyse and identify which areas of the business are not performing.  However for many companies, keeping track of customer interactions, sales opportunities, company growth and overall performance of staff so that valuable data can be gathered for analysis can be a constant struggle.

To help tackle this day-to-day problem many companies will face, a monumental new module has been added to OrderWise in version 9.11 to enable clear, full visibility of business profitability and performance.

Existing users will tell you that OrderWise already knows everything about the business it is serving, every sale, every customer, every stock transaction, cost, margin and much more.  If used effectively, this wealth of data on all aspects of operations is one of the most valuable assets a company owns. The OrderWise Business Intelligence module provides companies with the tools to
unlock the full potential of the business data that is entered into OrderWise as part of day to day trading activities, providing key statistics so performance can be easily accessed and analysed from a one-view grid.

Business Intelligence Screen Shot - CustomerUnlock The Sales In Your Business Data

There are countless sales opportunities sat waiting to be captured in your data, OrderWise Business Intelligence makes finding them simple.  Drill down in to customer activity from every angle to investigate product, category group & individual item performance.  Identify not just what is selling, in what volume, value and margin between periods of your choosing, but importantly what is not selling.

Which customers are buying one product type but not others closely related to them?

How is one salesperson, account manager, territory or sales channel achieving success in one area that others are not and can we replicate this?

Does a monthly visit to a customer deliver greater returns than regular phone calls?

All of this and more can be identified and investigated in a few clicks.

Choose How Information Is Displayed

BI - Customer TargetsMore dynamic than even the most detailed reports, the Business Intelligence module
allows up to the minute data to be viewed, segmented, filtered and manipulated from a variety of entry points for detailed analysis.  Using an intuitive interface, companies can easily interpret and compare performance between chosen trading periods, drilling down to investigate further at the click of a button. With this information on hand, businesses can identify areas for improvement, maximise future sales opportunities and increase business profitability.

Monitor Staff Performance By Setting Targets

One of the key features of the Business Intelligence module is users now have the ability to set Sales Targets for Customers, Territories and Users against historic and future financial periods. With the target functionality, users have full, flexible control over whether targets are set monthly or quarterly and whether the target is set as an invoiced sales order value, sold sales order value or a margin percentage. With the target functionality, businesses are provided with the tools to develop achievable targets that can be positively monitored to maintain focus on consistently maximising future sales opportunities and increasing business profitability.

With the KPI Dashboards module , users can then use the Sales Value vs Target or Invoice Value vs Target dashboards to easily see comparisons between set targets and actual achieved. The OrderWise Reports and Layouts team is also available to users should they wish to have any custom report commissioned.

BI - Sold AM CUstomer Drill DownDrill Down & Plug The Source Of Leakage

Another key feature of the OrderWise Business Intelligence Module is the ability to drill down from within the Company grids to find the root cause of why figures are not meeting expectations. Traditional reports only provide a snapshot of performance from one perspective. This static nature means the real story can be easily hidden within headline figures that cannot be further drilled into or easily viewed from another angle. OrderWise Business Intelligence on the other hand provides up to the minute dynamic analysis of data, enabling potential issues to be identified early, plugging leakage while it is still only a drip.

The multiple data entry points and filters available within the Business Intelligence module provide companies with every conceivable perspective on performance, giving the true picture nowhere to hide and allowing adverse trading performance to be quickly identified and rectified.

Sales volumes on a product are up on last year but the headline figures disguises that one sales person is well off the pace of the rest. At the click of a button companies can investigate deep down, drilling further in to their data from their chosen starting point, reviewing and comparing volumes, values, margins, markups and variances between periods to identify and rectify adverse trading performance.

Combine With CRM & KPI Dashboards For Maximum Benefits 

When OrderWise Business Intelligence is combined with the OrderWise CRM and KPI Dashboard modules, users are provided with a truly outstanding combination of functionality that can make a real difference to the performance, growth and profitability achieved by a business.  Something almost impossible to achieve with data held within separate systems.

BI - User TargetsCompanies utilising the OrderWise CRM module to manage customer contact can quantify and analyse the impact of this activity on sales from within Business Intelligence, providing clear links between customer interaction and customer sales performance.  In addition to this, the Business Intelligence target functionality can also be used to set targets for successful diary and non-diary activities to help ensure staff are meeting their CRM objectives.

OrderWise users with the KPI Dashboard module will be able to achieve further providing additional key statistics in a variety of chart formats for at a glance interpretation, ideal for early identifications of trends requiring further investigation.

ordering systemAchieve True Business Intelligence With OrderWise

With OrderWise Business Intelligence, businesses can reap the benefits of easily accessible performance statistics with the power to drill down to the core of any issues, giving businesses the reasons behind under-performance at their fingertips.

Combined with OrderWise CRM and KPI Dashboards a powerful suite of functionality is available that can make a real difference to the performance and growth achieved by a business with almost immediate results and returns. With this information on hand, businesses can quickly and accurately identify areas for improvement, maximise future sales opportunities and increase overall business profitability.

For more information on OrderWise including Business Intelligence, download our brochure.

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