Does your method of stock level calculation mean sales are missed?

One of the problems we often hear when companies make initial enquiries into OrderWise is a lack of stock visibility.  On a basic level businesses need to have easy access to accurate stock information in order to know what orders can be fulfilled and what they need to purchase.  However a company’s stock situation can be represented in a number of ways and businesses need to use the stock figures most relevant to the task and operating practices in place.

Which stock figure is most relevant to your sales staff?

At the point of sales order creation it can be vital for the user to know exactly what the current stock situation is for the items being ordered.  Depending on the way a business operates the most relevant stock figure at this point can need to include or exclude a range of criteria such as discounting stock already allocated and quarantined stock, including available to manufacture figures or supplier stock availability.

OrderWise already displays a Free Stock figure within the sales order form and an additional available to manufacture figure when adding a manufactured item to a sales order, for many businesses this is ideal for their requirements.  An additional system setting is also available to include or exclude quarantined stock from the Free Stock figure.  However for some businesses this is not always a truly accurate reflection of their ability to fulfil and order on time.

Ensure stock level figures reflect your fulfilment ability

Certain manufacturing companies may know that even if items are not manufactured the lead times to do this as long as components are in stock will not affect order fulfilment times.  Equally companies may have sufficient relationships with suppliers that they are happy to take orders based on stock figures they have supplied in the knowledge it is turned around promptly to meet customer order requirements.  Although all of this information and more is easily accessible from the sales order entry form, if situations like this represent the norm rather than the exception then it makes sense to display a stock level within the sales order screen that accounts for this.  Ultimately by displaying a more relevant stock level within the order entry screen it allows staff to provide accurate information, fully maximise each opportunity and reduce time spent checking additional stock figures.

Greater stock level control to meet your supply chain

New development in the 2014 v9.1 release sees new settings added that can change the way the stock level in a sales order is calculated.  Existing users may notice that the Free Stock field displayed next to the order line entry has now been renamed Stock Level.  New stock level settings found in System Settings>Sales>Order Entry have been added where users can choose whether the Sales order entry stock level is based on either the Free Stock Quantity or the Overall Stock Quantity with further ability to then include Available to manufacture and also Supplier stock quantities as part of the stock level figure.  The Supplier Stock Qty figure can be updated en masse using OrderWise import functionality or even via automated import using eCommerce.

By default the stock level figure will continue to be calculated as normal but these new options provide companies with even more control of their stock visibility to ensure it is displayed using the most relevant information to their operations.

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