Copy Key Details And Keep Suppliers Informed

Purchasing thumbEnsuring key information is transferred from Sales orders to any Purchase orders generated for the items required can be a regular occurrence for many businesses.  When companies are dealing in bespoke items, offering customisation, need to reference specific details, timescales or terms it can be vital that this is also included on the relevant back to back or direct (drop ship) purchase order sent to suppliers. However for businesses forced to conduct this process manually, it can be both time consuming and erroneous due to human error causing mistakes to be made during transposition.

In the case of direct orders being raised, it is especially important for businesses to ensure all required information is accurately transferred over to the relevant suppliers as they will be responsible for customer delivery. Therefore all key details will need to be copied to purchase orders so that the supplier is well informed of any special customer requirements or product specification for the item being sent. If this information is not made available or transferred correctly to the supplier, this can result in poor customer service levels, goods being returned and potentially huge costs depending on the value of the item in question.

There are already settings within OrderWise to help users copy information accurately and efficiently, including the ability to copy comments to purchase orders when raising direct or back to back orders. Now in version 10.1 of OrderWise, several more settings have now been added to enable users to easily transfer other essential purchase order details over to the relevant suppliers.

12300 - Copy line desciption from SO to POCopy Purchase Order Line Description When Pasting Lines

The first is a new purchase order user group setting labelled copy line description when pasting lines. If the new setting is on, when a purchase order line is pasted through the paste lines button or if an entire order is copied, the description will be kept from the previous order instead of being overridden based on supplier and variant descriptions.  This enables lines ordered previously to be copied or an entire purchase order to be copied with any line description changes retained, which can be a huge timesaver should you be repeating a previous order.

12433 - Update Direct PO CommentsDirect Sales Order Line Comments and Analysis Fields to be updated on the corresponding Purchase Order

In addition to this user group setting, there are new system settings which, when selected, will ensure that information created or edited on a direct sales order line analysis, order line variant analysis, order line product analysis, variant comments or product comments field will be copied across to those fields on the corresponding direct purchase order lines.

Once the purchase order has been raised with these settings active, if a user then changes any of these details on the sales order the purchase order was generated from it will update the purchase order, outputting it upon sales order save to ensure that the updated purchase order is sent on to the supplier.

With the addition of these useful new settings, OrderWise users are able to avoid rekeying details when transferring information between orders and ensure suppliers are sent updated purchase orders when changes are made, reducing the risk of return costs, errors occurring during transposition and ensuring accurate data is retained.

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