New Detailed Audit Trail Records Every Edit And Addition To Sales & Purchase Orders

Sales thumbFor many businesses, the auditability of key order details can often be an important requirement. By being able to easily trace back how an order was originally created, updated, changed or cancelled, businesses are able to find out who is responsible for any changes or additions that may have been made during processing and when exactly they occurred. Accounting for these amendments and updates through the use of audit trails and being able to quickly determine the chain of events from order creation to submission provides businesses with vital information to solve any disputes or discrepancies with suppliers or customers, help identify potentially suspicious activity and more.

For most businesses being able to see when and whom created and edited an order is a sufficient level of auditability, other businesses require greater detail. Should companies need to adhere to strict regulations, assist auditors with investigations, or resolve a dispute a more comprehensive audit trail to identify every single aspect of their order history becomes an essential requirement

Existing functionality already available within OrderWise provides a wide range of audit trail information to determine edits, additions and changes made to a huge range of records across various modules. This includes details of the creation and edit of both sales and purchase orders by which user, at what time.

12394 - Sales Order History Audit TrailEasily Trace Problem Causes With Enhanced Visibility Of Order Edits And Updates 

However in version 10.2 of OrderWise, new sales and purchasing system settings are in place to enable incredibly detailed audit trail data to be stored.  Users will have full control of the exact fields within a sales or purchase order that the detailed audit trail is recorded for ensuring each companies unique requirements can be met.  The new detailed audit trail will continue to record the date/time, user and action (create, edit etc) but now when one of these records is highlighted a complete breakdown will be displayed showing exactly which fields have been changed with the value before and after along with any details of lines added or deleted from the order.  With this enhanced level of visibility a difference can be made to how simply and easily even every day queries are handled, for example:-

A customer may call to say an item they had ordered has not been delivered and want it sending immediately without being willing to cover the additional delivery costs.  A quick look at the audit trail may indicate that the item was removed after the order had been originally placed and replaced with a different item.  The staff member that made the change is identified, they confirm the details of the request from the customer and who made it and the liability for the error is quickly identified.

With this great new enhancement to our audit trail functionality, companies using OrderWise are provided with the flexibility to ensure the necessary level of detail required by both the business and any set regulations regarding changes made to sales or purchase orders is always obtained.

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