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StockFor businesses operating a fast paced warehouse environment with large transaction volumes, it is important that a high levels of stock accuracy is always maintained. Businesses will need to keep a close track of held stock levels and ensure that, if these are found to be incorrect for certain items, any dip in accuracy is quickly rectified. However without the right method of correcting stock levels in place, high pressured staff rushing to correct mistakes as quickly as possible can actually cause more mistakes than it fixes.

With staff working to maximum efficiency, it is important for businesses to ensure that there is no room for errors to occur. In the case of correcting product stock levels, it is important that all key information is supplied to staff so they know exactly what item requires an adjustment. In many cases staff will only be provided with a product code rather than a full product description. With companies often housing product codes that are only different by one or two digits, staff can easily fall into the trap of entering the wrong product code when making their stock adjustments. To stop this from happening, it is important for businesses to supply full product descriptions so that staff are kept well informed and errors are carefully avoided.

12408 – New variant description field in Quick Adjust FormEnsure Accuracy When Quickly Adjusting Stock Levels

In the 2014 August release, a new Quick Adjust Stock node was added to enable users to quickly and simply adjust stock levels between items. Now in version 9.10, the quick adjust stock functionality has been extended to now also include a variant description field. Now on the quick adjust stock form, when a variant code is entered, its description is also returned to the form.

With the addition of this new functionality, OrderWise users can clearly see at a glance that the correct item is being adjusted in or out, allowing mistakes to be corrected and held stock levels adjusted both accurately and efficiently.

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