Benefit From Improved Delivery Method Control Over Hazardous And Dangerous Goods

DespatchCompanies are always striving to achieve effective management over the methods by which goods are delivered to customers, however any business that handles hazardous or dangerous items will probably understand the imperativeness of using the correct shipment method more so than most businesses. This is because these products require extra careful and precise handling to ensure they are transported safely, so because of this only certain couriers will deliver goods that are deemed dangerous or hazardous. With this being the case, companies need to ensure that when going through the despatch process, they have the necessary controls in place to ensure these goods are shipped via the correct couriers.

dangerous goods 350 pixHowever, too often staff processing orders are simply not aware of the couriers that are permitted to transfer hazardous and dangerous products. This failure to correctly identify the right couriers that need to be used can result in time-consuming corrections when goods are assigned to the wrong courier service for delivery. This can then create further issues if the transport between quarantine locations is time-sensitive, leading to wastage or loss of sales.

Therefore to avoid despatch delays and make sure that these goods are always properly handled, companies delivering dangerous or hazardous products should have the measures in place so that staff always assign these deliveries to the right couriers.

Dangerous GoodsEffectively Control Which Couriers Are Assigned To Take Hazardous Goods

OrderWise already delivers the functionality that ensures all deliveries are handled both accurately and efficiently, with integration to over 40 popular courier services currently available. Now an enhancement has been added in version 11.11 of OrderWise that allows users to restrict certain methods of delivery from being used for hazardous or dangerous goods. If the setting “hide from dangerous or hazardous goods” is applied to the delivery method, this will not be visible to staff when items deemed dangerous or hazardous within OrderWise are being processed. This enables automatic restriction to only use accepted couriers and eliminates the potential for human error once set up.

Thanks to this exciting new development, OrderWise users can now prevent shipments of dangerous or hazardous items from being despatched through the improper method that won’t allow transport of such materials. Furthermore, this improves the exceptional level of control of delivery method selection that OrderWise offers, allowing for a more efficient and error free despatch process.

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