Daily task control added to Contact Manager

Maintaining and managing goods relationships with both suppliers and customers is vitally important for any business.  Ensuring that conversations are recorded, requests are followed up and tasks are assigned and completed helps in winning new business, providing excellent customer service and keeping supplier deliveries on track.  What’s more, effective management and recording of these tasks, conversations, correspondence and documents provides an auditable trail for management, visibility of information throughout the company and ensures tasks are not overlooked.

Keep staff focused on the tasks at hand

The OrderWise Contact Manager module provides businesses with a thread based system for recording all customer and supplier contacts and ensuring associated tasks are performed in a timely manner.  New functionality in the 2013 v8.10 release sees the addition of 2 new areas within the Contact Manager module.  To provide users with simpler visibility of any outstanding tasks we have added Outstanding Customer Tasks and Outstanding Supplier Tasks.

Where the existing Customer & Supplier screens provide a split screen showing the Parent track and all tasks related to it, the new screens show just the individual tasks requiring completion enabling users to view a simpler and more focused to do list.

For more information on OrderWise Contact Manager and Relationship Management contact us today on 01522 704083.

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