Customise How Batch Numbers & Expiry Dates Appear On Documentation

Order ManagementFor many businesses, particularly those operating within the food and pharmaceutical industries, the handling of batch numbers and expiry dates is an essential part of everyday product management. Using these to accurately trace items from the point of arrival through to despatch is not only a regulatory obligation for many companies, but also helps them to keep down costs by minimising their wastage and eliminating unnecessary recalls. However although recording this important information is common, when and where batch numbers and expiry dates are used on documentation going out to customers can often vary from business to business.

When it comes to traceability details on things such as till receipts, invoices and delivery notes, some businesses may simply choose not to include this information at all as the details are already recorded their end and they can trace this back to the customer it has been sold to if required. However other businesses may want to include batch number and expiry date details on these documents in order to help streamline the processing of product recalls if they happen to occur. With this being the case, it is crucial that businesses using batch numbers and expiry dates have the flexibility available to easily and correctly display this information in the manner they require when documents are printed. Without this, companies can find that the enquiry volumes are increased, time is lost and mistakes are made.

Best Before DateCompletely Customise Documentation To Meet Your Needs

Within OrderWise businesses are already provided with extensive functionality to customise their document layouts. This includes numerous options to determine how batch and serial numbers are applied, as well as the OrderWise Reports & Layouts Team also being on-hand to help with any complex or more bespoke requirements.

However now in version 11.8 of OrderWise, additional functionality has been added that provides businesses with further customisation of how batch and expiry dates are displayed on invoice and delivery layouts. This has been facilitated by new system settings that allow a prefix to be displayed for both batch numbers and expiry dates, as well as the option to choose whether or not the expiry date is displayed and if so, the type of date format that is used. These settings will then be taken into account when invoices, EPOS/POS till receipts, delivery notes or copies of these documents are produced.

Thanks to this small but highly useful new enhancement, businesses using OrderWise to manage serial and batch traceability as well as expiry dates now have even greater flexibility when choosing what is included and how this information is displayed on documents.

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