City Link Customers offered fast and free courier link switch

Courier IntegrationWith the announcement on Christmas day that the courier City Link was going in to administration and the immediate suspension of parcel collections and deliveries in force, no doubt many businesses relying on them to deliver their Boxing day and January Sale orders will have had a frantic time trying to find suitable alternatives.

While some businesses may already have several couriers that they use, many will have relied solely on City Link for their parcel deliveries and face significant disruption and cost trying to source a suitable alternative provider.  This cost is not just in shipping delays and possibly increased prices, but if courier integration was in place with City Link’s systems, this can mean huge amounts of time now being spent rekeying information in to a new couriers software system until a new integration is in place.

City Link Courier SwitchWith over 40 links available to courier software systems we are sure that the courier OrderWise users choose will be amongst them and to help minimise the disruption to our existing OrderWise users affected by this, users with Courier Integration that had been using our City Link integration can make use of their Support and switch to an available alternative.  Simply call our Support Team who will be able to walk you through changing in a few simple steps.

We hope this goes some way to reducing the impact of this unexpected situation on any of our users affected.

Existing users can visit the OrderWise shop to see a full list of available courier links.

To discuss requirements further please call 01522 704083

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