Give Customers The Freedom To Scan While They Shop

MobileSales150pxWith the popularity of online shopping continuing to go in an upwards trajectory, businesses are constantly looking for new innovations that will enable them to compete with an ever-growing number of online traders. In a perfect world, today’s consumers want the convenience of online shopping but with the product immediacy of purchasing goods from a high street retail store, trade counter or cash and carry. That’s why in the last year, we have seen online despatch times continue to reduce to the point where some cities can now have order deliveries within the hour. To counteract this movement by online businesses to narrow the gap between customers ordering their goods online and the time they receive them, companies with an offline sales operation have been looking to new technologies and different shopping techniques in order to help lessen till queuing times and overall hasten the walk-in shopping experience.

One of these advances that seems to be quickly catching on with a wide variety of different shop owners is giving customers the ability to scan while they shop. This innovative way of shopping allows businesses, whether they are a wholesaler with a large showroom or retailer with a traditional till point, to massively speed up their order processing by presenting their clientele with barcode scanners upon their arrival. This allows them to avoid long checkout queues by scanning the items they want as they browse the outlet before simply docking their device and paying for the goods once they are finished. This technique has proven a hit with both consumers and store owners alike, with many of the latter having already implemented the functionality to enable their customers to shop in this way.

customer in showroomFlexibility & Integration Is Key When Choosing Customer Scanning Functionality

However although there are clear benefits to offering scan-while-you-shop to customers, businesses looking to capitalise on this new shopping method need to be careful as to which solution they use to deliver this service. For starters customers have diverse requirements; for example one customer may want to simply bring their goods to counter and take them away that day. However another customer, particularly those visiting showrooms, may have purchased items that are too heavy or large to simply carry out of the store and therefore want them to be delivered instead. Therefore in order to maximise sales opportunities, businesses need to ensure that the software they use to provide this service has the flexibility to cater for a number of different situations that can arise.

However most importantly, in order to deliver this service effectively, businesses need to ensure that the barcode scanning technology they are using is seamlessly integrated to their main order processing system. If this isn’t the case, businesses can encounter issues downloading the orders which can actually slow their order processing down rather than speed it up.

Here at OrderWise, we already provide a comprehensive range of modules to enable businesses to achieve fast, accurate order processing, regardless of the sales channels they are using. Whether your business is taking orders over the telephone, through email, online, across a trade counter, within a retail store, out on the road or indeed a combination of all of the above, OrderWise is able to provide a suitable solution that meets the needs of your business. You can read more about OrderWise Sales HERE.

Customer Scanning on HHTIntroducing OrderWise Customer Scanning

Now this month sees a monumental new addition to this extensive range of functionality for sales order management, with version 11.6 of OrderWise marking the introduction of our exciting new Customer Scanning facility. Designed for use with our Mobile WMS Devices, this new software allows customers shopping in retail outlets, showrooms, cash and carries and more, to go around scanning the items they want, the quantity required and have a running total for their order while they are still walking the shop. When they have finished shopping, this can then be imported into OrderWise to be processed as a normal order.

How this works is that firstly businesses will set up their mobile devices, putting controls in place over what customers can do, which can then be changed and managed by an administrator. This includes things such as choosing the stock location and order type that will be used for scanned orders created by that particular Mobile Device.

Once these have all been set up, businesses can then allow their customers to use these devices. Upon entering a store, a customer will be able to pick up one of the mobile devices available and then either enter their existing Account ID or select to use a guest account. Once logged in, the customer can then simply browse the shop and scan the barcode of the items that they want added onto their order. By default, a scanned product will be added with a quantity of one however subsequent scans of the same item will enable customers to increase this quantity. If items are scanned by mistake or customers change their mind on purchasing certain products, the flexibility is also there to easily delete lines from their order if needed.

As items and quantities are added, the order net total will be updated live and displayed to the customer. Discount on both items and the whole order total will be included where appropriate, with this information based upon the customer’s discount calculation order set up within OrderWise. This ensures that as the customer is shopping and adding items to their order, they will always be seeing the best price available to them. At any point, the customer can see their full order total, including tax and order gross, by moving to the confirm tab on their mobile device. Once in the confirm tab if the customer then wishes to complete their order, they simply scan the barcode of the till which will be used to process their order, which will send their order from the mobile device back to OrderWise.

Payment processingBenefit From Complete Control Over How Each Customer Scanned Order Is Processed

Once a customer has sent their order back to OrderWise, businesses then have the flexibility to process this in a number of different ways. Firstly, a new sales order can be added for the customer and the scanned order can then be imported by pressing the new POS button at the bottom of the sales order entry form. Pressing this button will open a new grid showing all scanned orders for the current customer, as well as any orders placed by guest customers too. From here, staff can then simply process the order as normal, allowing it to be delivered and invoiced to the customer.

Alternatively if businesses are using these devices in the more traditional retail environment, the scanned order can also be imported into an OrderWise EPOS sales order, allowing payment and goods to be taken immediately. In both OrderWise and EPOS, previously imported orders can also be re-imported to a new sales order for easy reordering in the future.

Thanks to this brilliant new Customer Scanning functionality, businesses using OrderWise can now benefit from a comprehensive, innovative and flexible order processing solution that allows their customers to conveniently scan-while-they-shop when ordering in store. By using OrderWise to offer this service effectively, users can ensure that sales are fully maximised and visitors to their walk-in sales environments always receive a first-class shopping experience.

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