Customer Specific KPI Dashboard Information To Maximise Sales

OrderWise KPI Dashboard ModuleOften in B2B and account sale environments the successful companies are those that have a great relationship with their customer, understand their needs and deliver high levels of service.  I am sure we all know or have experienced the successful sales reps and account managers, usually these people have their finger on the pulse of what their customers need, what they like and what they don’t, when they get busy and generally how their business works.  This understanding is a result of dealing with the customer regularly over time and often just knowing what you have sold them combined with the occasional review of their account.

The challenge is enabling all of your sales staff to have the same insight whether they are a new account manager, counter staff or taking orders over the phone. With the right information to hand, staff that may have never dealt with a customer before are able to understand the customers trading activity, have relevant conversations that build trust quickly and fully maximise the sales opportunity.  You may never get everyone to be as successful as your top sales performers, but improvements here, no matter how small, can quickly translate to higher customer retention and increased profits.

12417 - Single Instance Dashbord DashBenefit From Always Having Key Customer Statistics On Hand

A new feature has now been added to the OrderWise KPI Dashboard module in version 9.10 to enable users to display a dashboard specific to the customer instead of for all customers and is termed a single instance customer dashboard. Activating this view of the customer dashboard, within the KPI dashboard user group settings, enables users to configure the relevant charts and data they wish to display and have this open as a separate window.  Staff would then simply highlight the customer in their customer list, hit the dashboard button and the KPI Dashboard data will be refreshed to display information specific to the customer selected.  Having the dashboard setup on a second monitor is an ideal scenario for staff on the telephone or counter, this enables them to benefit from the dashboard information while using OrderWise to process the enquiry on their other screen.

With this fantastic new functionality, sales staff using OrderWise can easily see key dashboard data about the customer they are currently talking to in a format that is quickly and easily digested whilst also maintaining focus on what they are doing.  With information available to the customer dashboard such as top and worst products, outstanding quote values, sales values by month and much more on top of existing information already on hand during order processing such as previously sold, quoted, up sell, cross sell and substitute items, this further extends the visibility of information within OrderWise to ensure all sales are maximised and customer relationships are maintained.

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