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Sales thumbIn order to maximise sales and profitability successfully, businesses will often operate multiple price lists with different product pricing in order to effectively target each of their customer bases. However with customer priorities and requirements often quite unique, some businesses will choose to go one step further and set price lists for each of their customer’s individually. By tailoring discounts and offers to meet customer needs, businesses can promote spending habits and ensure that customer loyalty is retained.

Often the items contained on a customer specific price list are the result of negotiations at the time when a sales order is raised. Usually when trying to close a sale, businesses will reach agreed pricing with a customer based on the volume in which they are buying items, competitor pricing or simply offer discount on certain lines if it is something they will buy frequently. Then when a customer comes to place a sales order in the future, the majority of the time they will expect the same pricing they were offered last time.

The problem is that the next time a customer comes to place an order, the information on previously offered pricing is often not recorded or added to the customer’s price list at the time of purchase. This means the sales person will be forced to look up previous sales orders to obtain product pricing, causing service levels to be reduced and order processing times to be greatly reduced.

14006 - Add to pricelist SOAccurately & Efficiently Update Customer Price Lists From Within A Sales Order

OrderWise already provides businesses with extensive functionality to achieve effective management of their multiple price lists. In last month’s feature article we took an in-depth look at how businesses can benefit from this functionality, which if you missed you can read HERE.

Now in version 10.5 of OrderWise, new functionality has been added to allow users to add lines to customer price lists from within a sales order. Controlled by a security setting, a new quick add customer price list item button has been added to the sales order entry screen. With a sales order line selected, users simply need to click this new button and choose the relevant price list. A new system setting option controls the default calculation method to be either the discount price or the discount percentage from sales order lines when this button is pressed, however users still have the flexibility to change this within the pop up form. Once all the details have been confirmed and the form saved, the line will be added to the specified price list.

With this new functionality, OrderWise users can now add new lines to their customer price lists even more quickly, accurately and easily. From this businesses can benefit from streamlined sales order processing and provide customers with the right price they expect each time, allowing the very best service levels to be achieved.

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