Product Creation Added To The OrderWise Manufacturing Wizard

ManufacturingA changeable political and economic landscape can have a great impact on all businesses, however manufacturing companies are often affected more due to exchange rate changes causing the cost of importing and exporting to fluctuate. Such changes and uncertainty in the marketplace mean that focusing on streamlining processes and increasing efficiency is crucial to business success.

Even with tight control of components, sophisticated bill of materials (BOM) creation and structured works order processing, manufacturing companies can often elongate their initial product setup. With multiple revisions to manage and changeable components to account for, staff can end up spending valuable time manually adding products, variants and entering the relevant information, on top of the original data entry involved in the set-up process.

Manufacturing350pxIn a lot of cases this can be an inefficient way of working as businesses can find that several similar components are used to make multiple products, with only a few unique components differentiating these manufactured items from each other. Common examples are companies building bespoke or customised items, selling kits, making clothing that contains personalised embroidery or even items that simply come in different colours.

If an effective method is not in place to reduce the setup and administration of items that share common components, staff can find themselves with a seemingly endless amount of information needing to be logged on sheets of paper or at a computer terminal. Therefore to combat such issues and ensure time and costs are saved, manufacturers should look to automate their initial setup processes.

NewProduct350pxEnhancement To Allow Quicker Set Up At Product Level Added To The OrderWise Manufacturing Wizard

The OrderWise Manufacturing Wizard already allows users to create multiple new manufactured variants and their respective BOMs simultaneously. Accessed from a treeview node within the Stock module, this wizard provides a very quick and simple solution to the necessary variant and BOM setup by eliminating duplication.

Now in version 12.4 of OrderWise, the Manufacturing Wizard now presents an option allowing the user to select between the previous behaviour of adding new manufactured variants to an existing product or creating a new product based on the settings of an existing one. Once the new product has been set up the wizard can then create the new manufactured variants under the newly created product.

This provides the ability to better structure product ranges and take full advantage of the ‘allow/disallow’ functionality, meaning that users can easily set up product ranges and their related variants for specific customers.

Thanks to this new enhancement, businesses utilising the Manufacturing Wizard are now provided with greater flexibility, ensuring that a range of key processes are kept streamlined and productivity is fully optimised.

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