Create and maintain clear & structured product records with ease

It’s a situation nearly all businesses have experienced and in the majority of cases continue to experience, the structure of products and their variations becoming disjointed and generally untidy over time.  In the beginning it will often be low down on the list of priorities to manage. Often when using systems such as spreadsheets or the limited product management functionality in many accounts packages, new products end up being simply added to an ever growing list.  Over time it becomes apparent that the lack of structure in how products are organised reduces efficiency, limits analysis and creates an unwieldy and messy list.

Bring order to the chaos

OrderWise provides comprehensive product management, allowing each variation of a product to be logically handled along with enabling full product category control.  However even with this level of structure and control available mistakes are made, new products can be created by mistake, deviation can occur from product set up structure, historical product configuration is often left unchanged and chaos begins to once again creep into record data.

OrderWise already includes import and edit functionality to allow the wholesale change and creation of a range of records and record data parameters but a new feature added in the 2013 v8.11 release makes managing products and their variations even easier.

Product record maintenance made simple

A new System Utility called Change Variant Product has been introduced to enable variant records to be moved to a different product.  This new utility makes the process of re structuring products and their variants far simpler and will mean that the full transaction history of the variant will be retained.  However in order to successfully move variants to another product there are certain criteria that must be met which are:-

  • The settings on the Settings tab of the product the variant is to be moved to must match the product it is moved from (the only exception is the “Serial number instructions”).
  • The variant doesn’t have any purchase variants set up and isn’t used as a purchase variant of another variant.
  • The variant isn’t set to auto transform into another variant and there are no variants which automatically transform into it.
  • The variant is not a matrix variant.

By using this new feature it will be easier for companies to maintain the structure of the product records and keep clutter and chaos at bay.

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