Save Time With Our New Copy Quotes/Orders Feature

SalesWhether a business trades through multiple online channels, more traditional ones or indeed both, it is important to ensure the highest level of accuracy is achieved within all sales order processing activities. By doing this companies can be sure that customers are always left fully satisfied that their orders have been processed correctly, leading to higher rates of returned custom. What’s more, with sales being a fast paced environment, a swift and efficient method of generating quotes and orders is needed in order to maximise sales opportunities and deliver the speed of service customers desire.

Warehouse order

Most businesses will sell to a number of customers and it will often be the case that the same items and quantities are ordered by different customers, which can mean rekeying information to produce what are basically identical quotes/sales orders, other than the customer name and address. This can slow down the progress of sales staff in closing sales and achieving their targets.

Streamline Order Processing By Copying Quotes/Orders To Different Customers

OrderWise is both a robust and intuitive order processing system that ensures that sales orders are always managed both accurately and efficiently. Already providing a fast and effective method of building up quotes and sales orders, version 12.5 of OrderWise sees new functionality added to allow easy copying of quotes and orders to multiple accounts.

Thanks to this great new addition to the OrderWise Sales module, companies can now streamline their order processing by quickly and accurately creating quotes and orders by simply copying these over to the relevant customers. This feature will not only prove invaluable for saving time but also improving sales room processes.

More information on OrderWise Sales can be found HERE.

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