Copy A Task Added To OrderWise CRM

CRM Customer Relationship ManagerWhen interacting with customers and maintaining these relationships, situations can often occur where more than one department or member of staff is required to be involved in completing a task and kept informed about customer communications. This could be a meeting with a customer that requires a number of staff members to attend, a team working collaboratively on a customer project or simply different departments and managers keeping each other informed.

Handling these type of customer opportunities can be a complex and detailed process, with tasks potentially spread over a number of months. Businesses will want to ensure all staff that are required to be kept up-to-date are always notified about recent contact with customers, upcoming appointments and scheduled tasks. This allows any issues to be easily traced back so positive customer relationships can be sustained, as well as ensuring that miscommunication between staff, poor service and missed sales opportunities are all carefully avoided.

Organised Management With OrderWise CRM

In these circumstances where customer opportunities require company-wide management, it is important for businesses to ensure that the assignment of tasks is managed in both an organised and tightly controlled manner. This requires a CRM system to be in place that is both flexible and reliable enough to enable this to be achieved.

12208 - Copy an opportunityThe OrderWise CRM Module already provides users with the tools, structure and control required across the entire business to manage customer relationships, enabling staff to easily identify and access the information they need to perform effectively. Since its arrival in February, this essential module has seen key developments introduced such as the ability to see who a task was completed by, the ability to set up a repeating track to enable accounts customer management and over 80 KPI dashboards to monitor performance.

Introducing New Copy A Task Feature

Now another key piece of new functionality has been added to OrderWise CRM in version 9.10 to provide businesses with the ability to copy a task. From within the CRM Opportunity window, there is now a new copy task button that will enable the selected task to be copied. The copied task can then be assigned to a user and scheduled for a particular date using the in-built calendar links.

With the addition of this new copy task functionality, the adaptability of the OrderWise CRM module to business requirements is further enhanced with users now able to schedule multiple versions of the same task at once. This gives companies the flexibility to assign the same task to multiple members of staff, schedule appointments for multiple staff members to attend the same meeting, have multiple versions of the same task running simultaneously or keep track of customer interactions across various departments.

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