With Mobiles Now Converting More Sales Than Desktop Computers, Now Is The Time For A Responsive Website

Online Shopping2With Christmas now just over a month away, online retailers across the country will have already started getting busier as consumers rush to buy their family and friends the perfect gifts ready to be delivered in time for the festive period. Hoping to capitalise on the greater interest, businesses will be giving their final marketing push, directing traffic to their websites where seasonal products and services will be highlighted in order to help generate as many sales as possible. However for some companies, this attempt to drum up additional revenue may all be in vein if their website is not yet set up to handle consumers perusing their website from a mobile device.

In the age of mobile devices where consumers are shopping on-the-go using their smartphones and tablets, it is now more imperative than ever that businesses have a website that is optimised for mobile browsing. Although many specialists have been calling it the “year of the mobile” since the start of the current decade, there are still many businesses that are trading with a website that is only setup to be viewed optimally on a desktop computer. In previous years this may not have been much of an issue as research has suggested that the “year of the mobile” has never in fact come to fruition, with desktops still leading the way on mobile devices when it comes to email opens and conversions. However new research conducted earlier this year has seemed to suggest that 2015 may have seen the “year of the mobile” finally arrive.

mobile shoppingStudies Show That More People Are Shopping From Their Mobile Than Ever Before

Across a three month period from January to March 2015, Movable Ink conducted their usual study into customer engagement, which they have been running every quarter since 2013. This involved collecting data on how customers interact with email marketing campaigns when using their preferred devices. In total, they managed to track over 1.2 billion email opens and 57,000 subsequent conversions from the 4 to 5 billion emails that were sent. As well as this information, they were also able to record the devices that customers were using to open these emails and making their purchases.

The results that were found during this particular study saw that not only had email opens on mobiles surpassed desktop opens for the first time, but conversions were actually climbing too. The data showed that mobiles opens equated to just over 50%, whereas desktop opens are now lagging behind with around 33% opens. Even more interestingly, 36.6% of people made a purchase on their desktop, whereas comparatively 49.3% of people made purchases on smartphones. What this research shows is that not only are consumers opening and looking at content on their phone, but they are also driven to action as well.

tablet shoppingIs Your Website Optimised For Mobile Browsing?

The findings of this research has been backed up by an additional study conducted by a company called Demandware. They studied the shopping activity of 200 million customers across 1,200 different retail websites over the first quarter of 2015. Their study saw that 35% of all traffic was from phones, a huge 38% increase on the same time the previous year. Mobile phones also accounted for a 76% rise in the number of visits and a 48% increase in the volume of orders generated on the back of these as well. What’s more, Demandware also predicted that by the end of 2015, smartphones will be the number one device for digital commerce shopping, fully taking over the mantle from regular desktop computers. You can read more on the Demandware study HERE.

Although for most online retailers still operating with desktop only websites it will be too late to update their website in time to capitalise this Christmas, it is clear that a responsive website designed to be viewed on both mobile phones and tablets is absolutely essential going forward. If companies continue to operate with their existing non-responsive website and refuse to change, they will begin to see themselves fall behind their more technologically advanced competitors. Therefore in order for retailers to keep up with this massive change in how items are consumed within the online market, it is imperative that they look to update their website to a fully responsive design that ensures it is optimised for the device on which a customer is browsing. By having a responsive website in place, businesses can maximise their conversion opportunities by creating a personal and efficient shopping experience for their customers.

Responsive Web DesignA Fully Responsive Website Seamlessly Integrated With Your Back Office Solution

With OrderWise Commerce websites, businesses are able to benefit from a professional eCommerce website that is not only built to sell but also seamlessly integrated to their OrderWise software, providing a powerful all-in-one business management solution. More importantly, every OrderWise Commerce website is fully responsive to help businesses capitalise on the mobile purchasing habits of today’s customers by offering a stress-free shopping experience regardless of the device being used. Designed to provide the features both you and your customers need, OrderWise Commerce websites ensure best practice is followed in order for maximum visitor conversion to be fully achieved. You can read more about OrderWise Commerce Websites on our designated page HERE.

So in conclusion, it is clear that 2015 has seen a major shift in how customers are interacting with email marketing content and making purchases online, with smartphones truly taking over from desktops for the first time. This change in dynamic with mobiles and tablets becoming the devices of choice for online shopping will only continue to grow in the years ahead, meaning businesses must begin to look for ways to cater their website to these preferred browsing methods. If they don’t, businesses may start to find their online sales will begin to suffer as a result.

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