Control the effects of stock quarantine

The reasons behind why businesses flag stock as quarantined can vary dramatically.  There is nothing set in stone to dictate what constitutes quarantined stock, ultimately that is down for each company to determine based on their operating requirements and procedures.  Some companies will use quarantine status immediately on receipt of stock while testing and quality control is undertaken and release it once passed.  It can be used for damaged goods while assessments of their condition for sale is made and as you would naturally expect used to quickly isolate batches of stock that are subject to recall, contamination or fault.

A plethora of quarantine scenarios

Looking at just these few examples of the use of quarantine we can already see that in some cases the expectation would be the stock would never be available for sale and by quarantining the stock companies are able to ensure that it is not available for sale, picking and despatch.  In other situations companies would expect the quarantined stock to eventually be available for sale and even allocate from stock in quarantine.

With such varied reasons for quarantine, how this stock is accounted for in the stock figures used for sale or purchase activities can potentially present a skewed picture.  Settings already exists within OrderWise to control if quarantined stock is used when calculating free and closing stock values to ensure the appropriate stock availability is used when taking orders.   Users are also able to assign a release date against each batch of stock when it is quarantined, this information is visible to users and OrderWise actions the release automatically when due.  Additionally settings also exist to enable allocations to be made against quarantined stock from within specific areas of OrderWise such as Sales, Despatch, eCommerce etc enabling orders to be taken and stock allocated pending release of stock from quarantine.

Precise and flexible quarantine management

The 2014 v9.1 release see further control over how quarantined stock is managed.  A new setting in the Purchase tab within Variant Settings now allows quarantined stock to be excluded from the ‘To Purchase’ report.  This control at the variant level provides the greatest flexibility and scope.  For example, if a company has some products that are always quarantined on receipt for quality control and then released for sale, they would want to ensure this quarantined stock is included in the opening balance when the ‘To Purchase’ report is run, otherwise a stock shortfall may be identified and a purchase order raised for additional stock that is not actually needed.  The same company may have other products that would only be quarantined if an issue or recall was identified, in which case they would want to exclude quarantined stock of these variants from the opening balance used in the ‘To Purchase’ report.  This would ensure that any stock shortfall created by the quarantined stock would be identified and purchase order recommendations made.

Any business that needs to mange quarantined stock will find that the comprehensive control and management provided by OrderWise enables precise management of stock requirements, full visibility of stock status and customer and quality requirements are met.

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