Control Despatch Dates On Fulfilment Orders

DespatchUsing 3rd party fulfilment warehouse to handle part or all of a company’s stock and despatch activities is a growing trend.  Fulfilment companies can often provide a cost effective and highly specialised solution, removing the staffing issues that companies can face during peak times, providing cutting edge storage environments and allowing business to expand ranges and volumes without expanding premises. However with fulfilment warehouses effectively taking over management of the despatch process, maintaining accurate data and correctly informing customers on the progress of their orders can sometimes be a challenge.  If the fulfilment company does not provide a daily update of the orders shipped, the goods may have actually been sent from the warehouse a few days prior leaving a discrepancy between the actual date shipped and the date recorded as shipped.

10796 - Despatch Date OverideEasily Manage Fulfilment Orders With OrderWise Despatch

If the exact date of despatch from the fulfilment warehouse is not accurately recorded, businesses will find that issues will start to arise. Erroneous despatch progress can be passed on to customers, current stock will be incorrectly valued. If there isn’t a system in place to easily update despatch dates and quell problems such as these, businesses can suffer from holding imprecise stock valuations and face losing customers through low service levels.

Many OrderWise users work with fulfilment providers and have automated exports and imports in place to seamlessly manage relevant goods in, despatch and shipping confirmation data. Existing functionality within OrderWise already provides users with the ability to manage fulfilment orders by setting up fulfilment stock locations, emailing order details and picking notes before auto shipping once despatch confirmation has been received.

10796 - User Group SettingsEnhanced Fulfilment Warehousing Functionality

New functionality has now been added in version 9.7, allowing businesses to better handle fulfilment orders by providing them with the ability to now enter the date of despatch. This can be achieved by activating the despatch user group setting under the fulfilment tab labelled override despatch date. With this setting activated, the user is able to select the actual date of delivery for the fulfilment order from the new toolbar located next to the auto ship button in the orders requiring fulfilment screen.

By default, the despatch date will be listed as the current date when the form is opened.

By providing users with the ability to control the date of despatch for fulfilment orders, businesses can ensure that accurate despatch details are recorded, high customer service levels are maintained and stock is correctly valued.

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