Control Access to Sales Order Header Analysis Fields

OrderWise Sales ModuleThe way a company handles their sales order processing can greatly vary depending on the business, with most having their own standard protocol that they follow when raising and editing information against a sales order record. Due to the varied nature in which businesses will process their sales orders, it is important that the system being used is adaptable to allow for company-specific details to be recorded against each customer order.

However once fields such as these have been created, companies may wish to only permit certain staff members to view the information held within these fields, such as senior sales team members, team leaders, supervisors or other managers. These staff members may be the only ones carrying the permission to record information in these fields such as managing order priority, checking IDs for age restricted products, listing reasons for on-hold orders or carrying out credit checks and recording credit scores.

OrderWise already permits users to create their own analysis fields which can be added on to sales orders. These are easily created in the system module by selecting the sales order header option in the analysis type section and then choosing to build the field using a numeric, character, date/time, logical or memo based format. These fields are completely customisable and can be used to record any additional information required against the sales order header.

Newly enhanced access control over analysis fields

SecurityAdding to this existing functionality, a new feature in OrderWise version 9.5 now allows access to Sales Order Header Analysis fields to now be controlled via the relevant setting found within the sales order entry user group settings. Unselecting the Order Header Analysis option denies the user group access to this tab when raising or editing a sales order.

With the introduction of this new feature, OrderWise customers are able to obtain greater control over their analysis fields by deciding which staff members are permitted to view and edit certain sales order information.

In addition to sales order headers, analysis fields can also be created for a number of different records across the whole of OrderWise including customer, supplier, product, variant and more.

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