View Your Contact Manager Notes Within Key OrderWise Grids

CRMEffectively maintaining customer and supplier relationships is a crucial element of business success, however keeping accurate records of communications can be difficult. By not managing tasks in a structured manner and providing staff with easy access to relevant information, companies can quickly see negative impacts on productivity, customer retention and sales success if not undertaken effectively.

With businesses spending a great deal of time, effort and money building up a customer base and working hard to retain customers, it’s vital that potential opportunities are followed up and that queries are handled promptly. However, relying on internal emails, multiple systems, written notes, messages and memory means that there is the potential for tasks to be overlooked and conversation histories to become lost.

Contact Manager 350pxEasily Manage Your Customer & Supplier Interactions With OrderWise Contact Manager 

With full integration throughout OrderWise, Contact Manager facilitates the structured management of customer follow up tasks, their orders and supplier contact requirements in one user-friendly system. Activities can be scheduled and assigned to the appropriate member of staff, with outstanding tasks appearing in their To Do list and a thread based structure allowing for tasks and their history to be fully visible.

Further streamlining of customer and supplier contact tasks can be provided by the OrderWise Outlook Add-In which enables the automatic creation of Contact Manager records for inbound and outbound email communications. Through this beneficial add-in, a fully auditable and visible trail of both internal and external communications is available, ensuring key information is always to hand.

Now in the latest release of OrderWise, additional features have been added to ensure that customer and supplier notes are easily accessible via new buttons within the Customer and Supplier Grids. This ensures that staff can now view important details on specific customers and suppliers from directly within OrderWise grids.

Through this new feature enhancing the already valuable range of functionality provided by OrderWise Contact Manager, users can be sure that staff productivity is maximised and customers are provided with a first-rate service.

Businesses requiring more in-depth customer relationship management may want to consider OrderWise CRM.

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