Greater Insight And Target Comparison With Latest Business Intelligence Additions

Business IntelligencethumbSince the big release in November, the OrderWise Business Intelligence module has seen new developments added each month to further help users drill down into their business data, identify issues, plug the source of leakage, unlock more sales and revolutionise company performance. These enhancements have included the ability to view targets from within the grids, create contact lists for email and telephone campaigns and open new CRM opportunities with one click. This trend of new Business Intelligence functionality has continued this month with the addition three new grids in version 10.2 of OrderWise.

CRM Account Managers

The first new Business Intelligence grid provides users with an insight into opportunity success and fail rate by Account Manager. From this new grid, users are able to monitor and compare account manager CRM activity against different periods and set targets. By comparing this data, businesses are able to clearly see if acceptable performance levels are being maintained, targets achieved and if there is any relationship between activity and account manager performance.

BI Monthly turnoverInvoiced & Sold Customer Monthly Turnover

The other two new additions to Business Intelligence allows users to clearly display customer monthly turnover within a one-view grid. This can be done for both invoiced and sold with users able to set the month and year to work back from so that the data for the preceding twelve months is displayed. Monthly customer targets can then be pulled through to the grid to compare against performance on a month by month basis.

With the addition of these three grids to OrderWise Business Intelligence, the wealth of information and depth of business data available within this fantastic module has been further expanded, allowing users to benefit from an even greater insight into the performance of key areas within their business.

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