Edit Closed & Manage Incomplete Tasks In CRM

CRM thumbWhen managing customer relationships and recording interactions, it is essential to ensure that there are processes in place for this to be achieved simply, accurately and in a streamlined manner. However with each company operating differently with their own methods for best practice suited to their way of working, it can be difficult for businesses to find a structured solution for handling customer relationships that also meets all of their requirements exactly.

When recording key details relating to customer interactions and sales opportunities, it is vitally important that the information logged is as accurate as possible. With this being the case, situations can commonly occur where staff are provided with additional information after they have already completed a task. In other instances staff may be working on one task and then get called to do something else or end up working on a task over a number of days or weeks, resulting in details getting updated periodically. If the details of these less straight forward interactions are not updated properly, businesses can find themselves dealing with erroneous data that doesn’t provide a full picture as to why sales are being won or lost.

15087 - Edit closed taks Completed boxGreater Flexibility When Recording Details Against Closed Tasks In CRM

With OrderWise CRM businesses are already able to grant users the ability to edit closed opportunities, allowing them to re-open opportunities and update any stored information. However to give businesses the flexibility to edit closed tasks, mark tasks as not yet completed and update things such as closed opportunity reasons without changing the opportunity’s closed date, a new Edit A Closed Task feature has been added.

With this new feature, permitted users are able to edit closed tasks, changing and editing any information that needs to be updated. Additionally, a new completed task check-box has been added to the task details tab that enables users to mark a task as not completed. If this box is unchecked and the task is saved, the task is marked as uncompleted for users to return and complete at a later date.

Thanks to this new functionality, the flexibility of OrderWise CRM is further extended to help cater for common scenarios that can occur when dealing with customers on an everyday basis, as well as providing more ways for businesses to tailor how OrderWise CRM is used to meet their own individual requirements. By using the new Edit A Closed Task feature, businesses can ensure that the information that gets recorded against their sales opportunities is always as accurate and as detailed as possible.

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