Clear down partially delivered Sales Orders

OrderWise Sales ModuleFulfilment of sales orders is a key requirement for any successful company leading to customer satisfaction, returned business and maximised sales. However there may be times where companies find themselves unable to completely fulfil all items on a sales order.  There can be a number of reasons why this occurs, lack of availability from suppliers, manufacturing delays, delivery delays, discontinued items, damaged stock and more. How this is then processed will be dependent on company policy and customer requirements as partial despatch of orders is not preferred by everyone.

Should partial despatch of a sales order be performed then the balance needs to be managed in the most appropriate way.  For many this will simply be a case of waiting for the outstanding items on the Sales Order to come in to stock, OrderWise would pick up the back order demand and ensure any purchasing requirements are handled, once available the balance can be despatched and the Sales Order fully completed.

However in many circumstances such as if the outstanding items on the Sales Order will not be back in stock for a prolonged period, were part of a one off batch of stock, if a customer only accepts one delivery or purchase orders are scheduled and not dictated by back order demand for example, then the Sales Order will need amending to reflect the partially despatched quantity.

Raise a new sales order or clear down remaining quantities

Even if the balance of a partially despatched sales order is to be fulfilled at a later date when stock is available, simply leaving the outstanding balance on the original sales order may not always be the best course of action.  The customer may be happy to pay for split deliveries, promised dates may need changing for outstanding items and other situations where there are benefits to creating a new sales order for outstanding items.

If these incomplete orders are not managed or monitored effectively, businesses will find themselves dealing with increasing volumes of partially delivered sales orders which then need to be manually removed or re-raised as a new sales order. From this problems can arise such as build-up of unnecessary data, staff inefficiency/time wasted and lost sales.

Clear Down Sales OrdersA brand new feature in version 9.5 of OrderWise allows users to clear down partially delivered sales orders. This feature can be easily activated by going to the sales order user group settings and selecting the Allow clear down of Sales Orders option. This will allow access to the new Clear Down Sales Orders tree view node within the Sales Module. From there all partially despatched sales orders based on the date range selected can be cleared down, with users being able to reduce all lines on the order(s) to the despatched quantity so that there is nothing left outstanding.

When clearing down sales orders there is also the option to Create New Sales Order. If this option is ticked then another sales order will be created and the lines that are removed when clearing down the sales order will be added to this new order. Users also have the ability to copy over any analysis fields from the previous order.

With this new functionality businesses will be able to achieve complete control and full organised management over partially despatched sales orders. By using this feature, OrderWise customers can ensure maximum customer service levels, staff productivity and efficiency is being achieved at all times.

For more information on OrderWise including Sales Order Processing, download the brochures or watch our videos.

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