Choose which Price List to use when raising Sales Orders

OrderWise Sales ModuleIn trading environments, the right price is often the difference between losing and closing sales. In many cases companies will forfeit some margin on products for specific customers, whether that be for long or short periods, in order to promote long term buying behaviour. By offering competitive prices, businesses will see more profitable sales and customers being enticed to buy items they would normally buy elsewhere. However although companies will want to ensure they remain competitive, they will only want to forfeit margin when it is required.

To overcome this problem, many businesses will choose to operate using price lists where items are priced differently based on a variety of factors. The pricing across these price lists may be different due to the customer base they are marketed towards, the location of the branch, the website used to make the purchase or even seasonally when demand for certain items is increased and others depleted. OrderWise already provides extensive price management functionality allowing the creation of multiple price lists with a wide variety of methods for calculating the price applied, from percentage discounts to fixed values, mark-ups to modifiers and more.

Override Price List Order Header 1Making the most of online sales channels

In most instances, particularly in B2B trading environment, price lists and discount structures would be set up and applied against the customer ensuring when a sales order is raised the correct price will be automatically applied.  In retail and certain B2B environments however, pricing will often not be dictated by the customer but by the sales channel being used to place the order. When selling online companies can often have multiple websites selling the same products but branded differently to target different markets and demographics. In addition to this the company could also be selling through a shop, via a mail order catalogue along with marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.

Each of these channels, although selling the same products, could have different pricing to compete effectively within that marketplace. Although managing pricing for sales coming directly through each channel is straight forward, the challenge becomes how to simply and effectively ensure the correct price is applied when orders come through less direct avenues such as telephone. Once the source of the channel the sales enquiry has originated from has been established, staff need to be able to quickly apply the relevant price list to the sales order.

Greater freedom over which price list to apply to a sales order

New development introduced in version 9.5 of OrderWise means users can now choose which price list to apply to a sales order. This feature can easily be applied by turning on the override price list option within the sales order entry user group settings. Once this setting is activated users are able to override the price list connected to the customer from the relevant drop down option under the order details heading, providing there are valid price lists available. Alternative price lists can be easily created with the relevant customers and items attached within the system module.  When a price list is applied this will only affect the pricing for new lines added to the order and not alter the pricing of lines already added.

Override Price List Pop UpFor users who may wish to use this functionality more frequently, there is a further option that can be applied to allow a pop-up form to appear when a new sales order is raised. This feature is also activated from within the sales order entry user group settings by selecting the show price list override form on new orders. Once activated, users can then simply select which price list to apply to the new sales order from the drop down option on the pop-up form.

This new feature will provide users with more flexibility and enhanced control over price list management, giving OrderWise customers greater freedom over which price list to apply to a sales order. This will ultimately result in sales being maximised and customer loyalty being retained.

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