Character Price Calculator ideal tool for printers, sign makers, apparel customisation and more

OrderWise Sales ModuleAnyone that has bought a football shirt and had a name and number applied to it will have come across the concept of having to pay per letter or character.  This pricing method is used by many companies offering customisation of apparel along with those companies supplying promotional goods, signage and many more besides.  This per character pricing model can be the basis for pricing the entire product in the case of some signage applications or be an additional charge on top of the blank item.

Pricing and visibility of custom character requirements

Price Calculator Order EntryHaving a price per unit or character may provide a quick and easy way of determining the sale price (adding up the total number of characters and charging accordingly), but it often does not provide the workflow, accuracy or transfer of order requirements through the business that many companies desire.  Pricing may need to reflect certain characters that are not charged for, details of the requested customisation needs to be accurately recorded and displayed on customer facing documentation with easy identification internally for the order to be correctly processed.  When these details and processes are handled manually or via unconnected methods then pricing errors can be made, but more importantly errors may occur within the order customisation process leading to unhappy customers, wasted stock and lost margins.

Simple and accurate pricing with character capture and processing

New development in the 2014 v9.3 release provides a simple to use solution enabling accurate pricing and recording of character customisation requirements.  This can be easily utilised on documentation and ensure quick identification as the order passes through the business.

The new Character Price Calculator is activated via Order Entry User Group Settings which will then make a new Price Calculator icon visible next to the Price field in the Order Entry Screen.  When the Price Calculator icon is used a small window will appear where the text required for the order can be entered, the number of characters entered will then be used to calculate the total line price.  While some companies may have products where the physical item price is dictated by the customer’s character requirements, others such as apparel may charge for the garment and then have a service item to handle the character pricing and/or style as a separate line against the order.

Price Calculator System SettingsPrice Calculation System Settings against Sales Order Entry can be used to specify any characters that would not incur a charge such as spaces and punctuation.  These characters would be automatically ignored by the Price Calculator ensuring staff have no requirement to manually work out the price to be charged.  Users are also able to create an Order Line analysis field and set this as the field that any characters entered within the Price Calculator are automatically saved against.  This field can then be used on customer and internal documentation along with being displayed within on screen grids in OrderWise.  This functionality will ensure requirements are accurately recorded, confirmed with customers and passed through so internal workflows can be easily followed.

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