Keep On Top Of Changing Circumstances With New Stock Transfer Functionality

EDIFor businesses regularly transferring stock between fast-moving store branches, warehouses and depots, it is not uncommon for requirements to quickly change in an instant. It may be that stock was initially requested for a transfer to fulfil a large order but a recent supplier delivery or a cancellation of the sales order means the stock instead remains in its current location. Alternatively it may be that due to a change in required dates a transfer is required more urgently, so a faster courier is needed to ensure that the goods arrive to where they need to on-time. In either of these situations, it requires companies to have a structured handling over their stock transfers so that amendments can be quickly made.

Without the flexibility to adapt to these changing circumstances, businesses can quickly find themselves losing control over their stock transfers. Problems will arise where transfers miss their promised dates, resulting in branches being short stocked on popular items that cause sales opportunities to be missed and fulfilment of customer orders to be delayed. Additionally if transfers that are no longer required aren’t cancelled, companies may be left with a backlog of transfers that are left partially or completed unfulfilled. This in-turn can then affect stock reporting leading to a lack of visibility as to what stock is actually available, the quantities held and in which location.

Warehouse boxesAchieve Structured Management of All Your
Cross-Location Stock Movements

With the OrderWise Stock Transfers module, businesses are already provided with an effective method of managing the process of transferring and transporting stock between multiple locations. Providing full visibility of stock as it is moved internally and recording each transaction along with associated costs, companies can simply run the transfer report to easily keep on top of stock demand in each of their stock locations.

Now extending the functionality available with the OrderWise Stock Transfers module, this month two highly useful new enhancements have been made that offers users the flexibility to gain greater handling of changing circumstances when processing their internal stock movements.

Clear Down Transfer Orders

The first new enhancement to Stock Transfers arriving in version 12.3 of OrderWise is the ability to clear down transfer orders that are no longer required. Facilitated by the new clear down transfer button on the stock transfer activity grid, users can now select multiple transfer orders in one pass and clear them down with one-click of this button. Transfers awaiting despatch will have all their lines cleared down, the order cancelled and the related purchase order deleted. Partially despatched transfers will then have any un-despatched lines deleted and those lines which are partially despatched will have their quantity required reduced to the quantity already sent, with the related purchase order quantity also updated.

delivery loadingOverride Delivery Method for Multiple Transfer Orders

The second new enhancement provides companies with the ability to the edit the delivery method on multiple transfer orders in one-go. Also facilitated by a new button on the stock transfer activity grid, users are now able to select multiple orders, choose the edit delivery method button and then choose from a pop-up list of the available delivery methods. Once the desired delivery method has been chosen, this will be applied to all the selected orders with delivery costs updated on the orders accordingly.

Thanks to these two new additions to the OrderWise Stock Transfers module, users can now benefit from quickly clearing down unneeded transfer orders and editing the delivery method on multiple transfers in one-go. By using these new enhancements to keep on top of transfer requirements as they change over time, users are able to benefit from faster, simpler handling of any stock transfer updates and cancellations.

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