Change & Update CRM Tasks En-Masse With New Batch Edit Functionalty

CRM thumbUsing CRM systems to effectively manage all interactions between staff and customers can often provide businesses with the key to maximising their future sales opportunities and improving customer service. However what these systems can’t do is plan for staff being absent, called to more urgent appointments last minute, meetings being cancelled or rearranged for a later date. These are all common situations that many companies can encounter on a regular basis which, if not managed correctly, can have a real negative impact on the efficiency and organisation of opportunity management.

In any of the situations mentioned above, often these factors can have a rippling effect throughout the business that means multiple scheduled tasks will need to be edited or updated. For example if a staff member is absent, his workload will need reassigning to one or several members of staff so that his customers are not neglected. If a meeting is rearranged that a number of staff members were due to attend, the new date and time will likely need to be added to numerous scheduled tasks that would have been created for each person that was due to attend the meeting. If those members of staff can’t make the rearranged date, it may be that the attendee details may also require updating.

13468 - Batch Edit CRM TaskA Fast, Simple Way To Reassign Multiple Tasks & Opportunities

If businesses do not have a method of efficiently editing task or opportunity details, they will find staff time taken up with manually going through each one that needs changing and individually reassigning and rescheduling these tasks to the correct people at the correct times.

To ensure this isn’t a concern for OrderWise CRM users, a brand new treeview node has been added in version 10.4 of OrderWise that allows for multiple CRM tasks to be edited at once. Controlled by a user group setting, permitted users will be able to access the batch edit CRM tasks grid where they have they the ability to filter tasks and change the information held within certain fields by entering edit mode. The fields currently available to edit within this grid are scheduled date/time, opportunity assigned to, task assigned to, reassign opportunity and any analysis fields which have been set up against opportunity tasks.

With this highly useful new addition to OrderWise CRM, businesses can easily rearrange multiple meetings or reassign multiple different tasks and opportunities to other members of staff all in one go. This allows for faster, more streamlined management of customer relationships and the tasks involved in ensuring these are always effectively handled.

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