Change, Update, Amend and Split Works Orders With Ease

Manufacturing thumbManagement of manufacturing requirements can be a full time job.  However even with the best planning and scheduling delays in the supply chain, staff absence, machinery problems and changes to customer requirements can all result in the best laid plans needing to be changed to ensure production continues and requirements are met in the most efficient, accurate and cost effective way.  With a busy manufacturing schedule in place however, a change to the quantity or production start time of one works order can result in a ripple of further changes needing to be made to other works orders.  It is not uncommon that when these situations occur, manufacturers may have to split or update a works order to reduce or increase the demand quantity or split out the order to help balance the work load between available staff.

Although editing an individual works orders can be quite a straightforward process, when multiple works orders require changing and updating together, effectively managing this can be quite a challenge. With some manufacturers handling potentially hundreds of works orders at any one time, manually keeping these updated individually can be a highly inefficient and arduous process, often meaning it is difficult to get an overall picture of the changes that need to be made. By introducing a streamlined method of updating multiple works orders in one go, businesses are able to save valuable time, maximise production, help keep manufacturing costs reduced and ensure customer requirement deadlines are met.

13081 - Batch Edit WO EditGreater Efficiency and Control With New Batch Edit Works Orders Feature

Exisiting functionality within OrderWise already provides users with the ability to quickly and easily batch edit sales and purchase order lines. Now a great new enhancement has been added to OrderWise Manufacturing in version 9.12, with the introduction of a new batch edit works order feature. Once activated permitted users will in one screen be able to filter works orders by a range of criteria and then in a few clicks edit a range of fields to make relevant changes to multiple works orders quickly and easily.

Users have the ability to edit works order start dates, works order quantities and any works order analysis fields that have been created to record unique requirements.

Make Works Order Decisions Based on a Full Demand Breakdown

There is also a demand notes pane displaying information relevant to the highlighted works order, this is information pulled through from the To Manufacture Report such as the Sales Order/s the items are required for, if a quantity in thee works order is to replenish min/max stock levels etc. This provides additional insight into the reasons behind the works order, for instance a decision may be made to amend the Works Order quantity to just fulfil the sales order demand and hold off on any quantity required for stock if available time is tight or component stock is low.  These demand notes can then be edited and updated, adding additional notes on why changes have been made to ensure full visibility and helping keep track of changes.

13081 - Split WO LineMaximise Productivity and Resources By Splitting Out Works Orders

In addition to the new batch edit functionality there is also the ability to split a works order.  It may be the decision has been made to focus on manufacturing only the sales order requirement part of a works order but the quantity required to replenish to minimum stock levels still wants manufacturing but on another day.  With the works order highlighted, the split works order button will enable you to set the quantity to split out, copying the original works order and creating a new works order for the split amount.  Any existing allocations will be moved across to the new works order based on the split.

At this point each works order can be edited to start on a date that suits production capabilities and order requirements better whilst ensuring overall manufacturing requirements are still met.

With these two new additions to OrderWise Manufacturing, users can benefit from much greater efficiency when updating works order, with the ability to now edit and split works orders en-masse instead of individually.

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