Capture More Sales With Greater Stock Visibility

Sales thumbProviding sales staff with accurate stock figures is possibly one of the most valuable tools businesses can provide. Without accurate stock information, staff may be led to believe that certain items are out of stock or not available in the timescales required by the customer. In reality, it may be that stock is due to be delivered from suppliers that day, stock is allocated to a customer who doesn’t need the items urgently, there is stock available at another branch or being transferred, or possibly even quarantined stock awaiting release for sale.

By not providing staff with a detailed breakdown of stock figures and ensuring they have this information on hand when serving customers, businesses can quickly begin to unnecessarily lose sales that they actually have the stock to fulfil or soon have stock available for. Therefore it is vitally important that clear, accurate stock figures are readily available to staff in order for them to prevent the loss of sales and quickly determine when and how they can get hold of the required items to fulfil the order.

14246 - Stock qty in sales order entryClear Visibility Of True Stock Figures When Raising Sales Orders

Existing functionality within OrderWise already provides users with an unrivalled level of stock information. Now to help provide users with even greater stock visibility, new functionality in version 10.3 of OrderWise means more of this data can be displayed directly within the sales order without needing to look elsewhere. This makes it possible to display additional key stock figures within the sales order line grid in addition to the free stock figure already shown.  Information such as actual stock quantities, quarantined stock and stock on transfer and more can all be brought through and displayed against the order line to provide sales staff with much greater insight with additional information such as arrival dates, quarantine release dates and allocation information readily accessible if required.

By having this information readily available within the sales order entry screen, businesses using OrderWise can quickly and easily access available stock figures, providing sales staff with the true stock visibility required to help successfully close more sales opportunities.

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