Get Queue Busting With OrderWise Store EPOS & Mobile Till Technology

EPOSIt is essential within the day-to-day operations of any retailer that your store(s) are performing adequately, efficiently and profitably. Within the retail environment, it is paramount to ensue that the customer’s shopping experience is as seamless and enjoyable as possible, as the ultimate aim is maximised sales, first-rate service and repeat custom. With this in mind, companies must plan for busy periods, queue management, queuing delays and transaction times, as these are all variables which will impact on the overall customer experience.

Epos queueHowever without the right tools to execute these plans and easily tackle long queues in place, retailers can quickly see negative impacts appear. Whilst a business could have successfully employed the friendliest and most welcoming staff, there is nothing worse than a slow-moving queue that quickly taints the customers view of all the hard work from these employees. With the resulting impact of shoppers becoming disgruntled or even going elsewhere to complete their purchases, potential profitability during busy periods will swiftly dwindle.

The Ideal Combination Of Up-To-The-Minute Technology, Reliability And Efficiency 

For businesses trading in these retail, trade counter or cash and carry environments, having the right EPOS software will already contribute towards a highly professional service to valued clients. With OrderWise Store EPOS, users already have highly effective technology designed to streamline your day-to-day store operations. Delivering the ideal combination of up-to-the-minute technology, reliability and efficiency, OrderWise EPOS is a robust, versatile and dependable customer service tool that gives businesses the power to provide their clients with exceptional service.

However, to fully maximise potential efficiency within the business, companies must look towards mobile technology in order to help them achieve optimum productivity when the inevitable queues begin to grow. With the latest release of OrderWise, companies can now seamlessly access the OrderWise Store EPOS Module from the use of a tablet meaning comprehensive till access from anywhere within the store.

EPOS 350pxMobilise Your Store EPOS Till

Thanks to this modern and useful feature, businesses using tablets now have the capability to access all the existing functionality of OrderWise Store EPOS on-the-go. This queue busting software enables staff to carry out the check-out process at any time and at any point in the store using the tablet, removing the limitations of one static till location and eradicating the possibility of growing queues. Businesses using the portable Store EPOS can drastically increase customer loyalty by showing they care about their shoppers with this highly personalised shopping experience.

With the added integration of both Bluetooth mobile barcode scanning and Verifone e355 card readers – flexible mobile payment devices – users can unleash their Store EPOS till capabilities with the complete start to finish process of their sale. This fast, simple functionality creates an enjoyable experience for customers, takes a straightforward approach to taking payment for a sale, and assists employees in focusing on serving more people and fully maximising sales volumes.

e355_iphone-tap_350pxUnleash Store EPOS Capabilities And Crack Down On Queuing

What’s more, version 12.9 sees an enhanced virtual keyboard within the Store EPOS module and available via tablet. This additional functionality contributes to providing even greater visibility when serving shoppers and further improves the customer experience.

With the added availability of the Store EPOS via a tablet, businesses can ensure customers aren’t driven away at the sight of long queues and the custom can be maintained even in the busiest period. By retaining the satisfaction of customers through quick and seamless checkout processes, businesses can ensure the shoppers aren’t taking their money elsewhere and profitability will climb sharply. Not only will cash flow improve, but additionally the public perception of a businesses brand will be impacted by showing off that they are an innovator of modern queue busting techniques and people will notice.

epos 2 350pxOrderWise Store EPOS has immeasurable benefits to offer, producing fast, accurate and precise trading operations and now businesses can enter a new dimension of functionality moving their till processes onto mobile technology with the latest software feature. This added to the advantage of a single all-in-one solution means combining your business with OrderWise Store EPOS will speed up daily transactions, build on optimum customer service and help companies keep up with the very latest technology.


More information on the extensive capabilities of OrderWise Store EPOS is available HERE.

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