14 New Business Intelligence Grids Added

Business IntelligencethumbIn order for companies to increase their profitability and promote business growth, it is essential for them to always keep track of sales performance. By analysing sales performance, businesses can often provide themselves with the key to finding where problems in trading operations lie and discover where there is an opportunity to further increase company turnover. However without the right level of detailed insight into sales statistics, businesses can too often only scratch the surface of their problems. In a lot of cases, businesses can believe they have found the cause to poor sales performance in certain areas when in fact the real issue requires them to dig down a little deeper.

business intelligence chartsThe cause of this problem can too often be a case where businesses simply do not have access to the information they need to determine where improvements in their sales operations need to be made. For example, it may be where sales of a certain category of products are less than anticipated due to one or two major territories not garnering the required volume of sales. It may even turn out that the reason for those territories under-performing is due to one customer account or one sales rep not pulling in the numbers. Without the ability to view this vital information and take the appropriate action to improve sales performance, businesses can find that growth can start to become stagnant due to falling profitability figures.

With OrderWise Business Intelligence, companies using OrderWise are already able to reap the benefits of easily accessible performance statistics with the power to drill down to the core of any issues. With complete visibility of sales data from an extensive range of filtered grids, businesses using OrderWise Business Intelligence are able to have the reasons behind under-performance at their fingertips. Now massively extending the wealth of data available with this module in version 10.7 of OrderWise, 14 brand new grids have been added this month.

New Sales Reps & Account Managers BI Grids

Pre-existing functionality within OrderWise Business Intelligence enables users to view their respective sales at the product, variant and category level for items either invoiced or sold and then drill down into this information by Customer, Account Managers or Sales Reps.

account managers2Now 12 new grids have been added that allow users to attack their data from the Account Managers and Sales Reps level first, then filtering this by category, product and variant statistics so they can view this information for each of their individual customers. These new grids are:

Account Managers>Invoiced>Category

Account Managers>Sold>Category

Account Managers>Invoiced>Product

Account Managers>Sold>Product

Account Managers>Invoiced>Variant

Account Managers>Sold>Variant

Sales Reps>Invoiced>Category

Sales Reps>Sold>Category

Sales Reps>Invoiced>Product

Sales Reps>Sold>Product

Sales Reps>Invoiced>Variant

Sales Reps>Sold>Variant

As is the case with any Business Intelligence grids, information displayed can be filtered to only show data for a certain date range. In addition the usual invoice/order information columns for quantity, net values, margin and margin % are also available. Businesses also have the ability to compare the statistics displayed with targets set for Account Managers and Sales Reps via the target and target % columns.

New Territory BI Grids

In addition to the 12 new Account Managers and Sales Reps grids, this month also sees the addition of two Business Intelligence grids for a company’s sales data by territories. Although filtering information displayed by territories has been an option in a number of Business Intelligence grids previously, these are the first two designated grids for analysing data by territory. These new grids are:

Business Intelligence GuyCompany>Invoiced>Territories


From within these grids, users are able to choose the customer drill down option in order to obtain further detailed analysis. Again as with all grids, the information displayed can also be filtered to only show data for a certain date range. The columns for quantity, net values, margin and margin % are again also available and businesses can compare the statistics displayed with territory targets via the target and target % columns.

With the addition of these 14 new grids to OrderWise Business Intelligence, users can benefit from an even more extensive range of ways to analyse every aspect of their business data. Armed with the information found within these grids, businesses using OrderWise are able to quickly determine where sales for certain Account Managers, Sales Reps or Territories are insufficient, as well as determine the right areas for where improvements need to be made.

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