Six New Business Intelligence Grids Added

Business IntelligencethumbSince its release, the OrderWise Business Intelligence module has been constantly enhanced with more grids and features added to help users further improve company performance. Just last month, two fantastic new grids were added to enable users to maximise their cross selling opportunities and improve their quote conversion rates, which you can read about HERE.

Now in version 10.4 of OrderWise, an incredible six more grids have been added to Business Intelligence, providing users with more ways to drill down into their business data and determine the root cause of any glaring issues with company performance so that these problems can be quickly corrected.

Product & Variant Customer Grids

One of the key benefits existing users of OrderWise Business Intelligence have found is the ability to be able to drill down into their customer data, see where customers are not buying products they were previously and determine whether this has caused targets to be missed or customer turnover to drop. Now four new grids have been added that flip this around, allowing businesses to drill down into their data from the product and variant level first so they can quickly see where customers not buying certain products are causing sales of those items to fall.

14617 - BI Variant GridThese new grids are:





All four of these new grids will list all customers but the figures displayed will be limited to the product or variant depending on the selected grid. Users also have the ability to drill down into customer contacts to see if it is just one person not purchasing a certain product or variant that is causing the overall sales figures to fall.

Category Customer Grids

Working in a similar way to the other new grids, these two new grids allow users to see invoiced and sold data for customers but with a category filter already applied. This alters the information slightly so that businesses can essentially see information based on the invoice/order line details instead of the invoice/order header details, providing users with yet another angle from which to analyse their data.

14340 - BI Category - CustomersThese new grids are:



Columns for quantity, net, net variance, margin, margin %, margin variance and more are available to all six of the new grids, with custom columns also available to allow users to expand the information they are able to view within the grid depending on what they require.

With the addition of these six new grids, users are provided with further insight into key business data with additional angles from which businesses can carefully examine and drill down into their sales data, allowing further detailed analysis to be achieved. Once the required information has been gathered, businesses can then promptly rectify any issues with the appropriate actions, allowing company performance to be improved and sales to be fully maximised.

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