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CRM Customer Relationship ManagerWe often find that the most successful business are those that are customer focused, able to understand, respond and react to the needs of their clients and potential customers.  Companies need to be able to manage every interaction from marketing to prospect creation, sales conversion to account management, customer service, contract maintenance, sales pipelines and more.

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The difficulty comes when these marketing, sales and customer service activities are fragmented across the business, often in separate applications, leaving staff without the information, workflow or insight to ensure positive outcomes are achieved.

From enquiry to order & beyond

This month sees the official launch of the new OrderWise CRM (Customer Relationship Module) designed to manage every interaction with customers across the business, from marketing, sales and customer service, ensuring the right customers and prospects are targeted at the right time to build stronger and more valuable relationships.

Although included in the 2014 v9.1 release, the soft launch was designed to ensure we met initial demonstration and deployment demands from existing users that had already expressed interest in the CRM module.  This new area of OrderWise will provide the tools, structure and control required across the entire business to manage customer relationships, enabling staff to easily identify and access the information needed to perform effectively.

CRM Opportunity ExpectationsOrderWise CRM is easy to set up, can be tailored to match individual business needs and adapt to changing requirements.  Processes to meet the needs of each role can be configured to ensure the right information is captured and prescribed workflows are followed.

Streamlined control of email communications

With email being the preferred method of communication for many businesses the process of recording, responding and managing email communication can be further streamlined through the use of the OrderWise Outlook Add-In.  Already available for use with our Contact Manager module this has been further developed to OrderWise CRM KPI Dashboardswork alongside OrderWise CRM.

Insight, analysis & pipeline visibility

Invaluable analysis into customer, staff, sales and business activity allows informed strategic decisions to be made with confidence. Individual and team performance can be monitored against targets and SLA’s while the use of OrderWise KPI Dashboards can display real time charts on a range of criteria with 88 new CRM KPI charts including pipeline forecasts. Identify customer attrition points, conversion likelihoods and process bottlenecks to achieve true business insight.

OrderWise CRM puts the customer at the centre of your business activities for improved loyalty, efficient processing and more profitable relationships.

More information on the OrderWise CRM module can be found by clicking here.

A new brochure page and video is also available on the new CRM module.

Companies requiring simple management, recording and follow up of customer contact activities can look at the OrderWise Contact Manager module.

To discuss your requirements in more detail contact us today on 01522 704083.

Existing users can find full details of the OrderWise CRM & Contact Manager Module along with information on the OrderWise Outlook Add-In by visiting the OrderWise Shop.

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