Book in Stock Transfers with the OrderWise HHT Mobile Devices

OrderWise HHT Mobile DeviceFor companies housing product lines across various locations, the ability to transfer stock between branches and warehouses quickly and easily becomes a necessity. If stock levels for an item in one location cannot meet demand, it is often the case that transferring stock from another location within the business is a more efficient and cost-effective method of obtaining more stock to meet that demand, rather than purchasing additional stock.  Also many multi location businesses will work from central distribution hubs from which stock is transferred to required locations.

The OrderWise Stock Transfer module has been built to help customers through this process, moving stock in a structured way from one location to the other with ease whilst also retaining a full audit trail and visibility of stock valuation purposes along with serial and batch traceability. The Transfer module allows for Transfer Orders to be raised manually or processed via the To Transfer Report to ensure stock requirements are automatically identified based on minimum or maximum levels with Transfer Orders generated at the click of a button.


Companies that regularly transfer stock between locations need to ensure this activity is not only accurate, visible and easily managed but also as efficient as possible.  As more and more companies take advantage of the exceptional functionality, accuracy and efficiency provided by the OrderWise HHT Mobile Devices, it became apparent that there was a need to be able to book in stock transfers using these mobile devices in addition to goods receipt from Purchase Orders.

Transfer Orders can already be picked by using HHT Mobile Devices as they are handled via Despatch in the same manner as a normal Sales Order.  With the 2014 v9.4 release, the OrderWise HHT Mobile Devices now have the ability to be used to book in stock from Transfer Orders.  Utilising the Goods In module on the HHT Devices, a user would simply scan the bar code on the stock being received and complete the goods in process.  As always the feature has been built to be user-friendly, so the process works the same way as the standard Goods In method for received stock from a Purchase Order on the HHT’s.

Like regular Goods In this new feature also provides serial and batch number traceability, meaning customers can now get the essential stock transfer booking in functionality direct to their handheld device.


The OrderWise HHT Mobile devices are an invaluable warehouse tool that includes essential functionality for fast and accurate barcode centred warehouse operations.  Modules included as standard on each OrderWise HHT Mobile Device are:

  • Picking (Including Tote Picking)OrderWise Series 2 Mobile HHT Bar Code
  • Goods In
  • Container Goods In
  • Move Stock
  • Adjust Stock
  • Stock Take
  • Replenishment
  • Put Away
  • Move Bin
  • Bin Check
  • Tote Check
  • Empty Bins

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