Benefit From Greater Visibility Within Several Key Areas Within OrderWise

Stock thumbHaving clear visibility of information when it is needed is an essential for any business. However with every company having their own unique requirements and daily processes, the data that needs to be available to view at different stages can greatly vary from business to business.  Without that key visibility of relevant information at the right time and specific to the role in hand business can find errors are made, time is wasted and opportunities are missed.  That’s why here at OrderWise, we offer businesses the flexibility to pull all the fields they need to through to any grid. This ensures our users have all the information they need to be able to view within their current screen without needing to navigate to another one, allowing greater efficiency and more streamlined handling to be achieved in the process.

Extending this flexibility and the visibility of information available in version 10.7 of OrderWise, several more fields have been made available to a number of popular screens within OrderWise.

RP1200_FrontManufacturing modulemytasksMore Information Added To My Tasks Process Information Tab

One of the major new additions to our software so far this year, the April 2015 release of OrderWise saw the introduction of our Mobile Manufacturing module on our massively popular Mobile WMS Devices. By using these barcode scanning devices in-conjunction with Manufacturing in the main OrderWise system, businesses have all the functionality they need to complete even the most complex of works orders both quickly and with the right level of detail recorded. You can read more about this great module HERE.

One of the key aspects of this module is the My Tasks area which is essentially the Mobile Manufacturing hub. From within this area, staff are able to scan through their assigned processes, log labour times, equipment used and equipment times, simply scanning all the relevant barcodes as they complete their designated tasks. Adding an enhancement to this area, the info tab in the My Tasks screen has now been expanded to show more information related to the selected process. These new details are:

Customer Name

Sales Order Number

Marshalling Area

By having these details available, the Mobile WMS Device user is able to clearly view who the job is for that they are working on, easily identify the relevant sales order based on the order number and which marshalling area to put the item in once their task has been completed. This subsequently enables faster works order processing and better customer service to be achieved.

Invoice visibilityAdditional Information Stored When Generating Invoices

The final lot of new enhancements sees a number of new fields now populated when invoices are generated through the OrderWise Invoicing module. The information in these fields can already be viewed through Invoice History or pulled through to the generate invoices grid, however they can now also be used on Invoices when they are printed or reprinted. These fields are:

Delivery Name, Delivery Address 1, Delivery Address 2, Delivery Address 3, Delivery Town, Delivery County, Delivery Country, Delivery Postcode, Contact Name, Account Number, Special Instructions, Due Date, Customer Part Number, Variant Code and VAT Rate.

Thanks to this new functionality, OrderWise users are always able to ensure that their created Invoices carry the accuracy, key information and level of detail that they require.

Additional Fields To The OrderWise Stock Take Grid

The second lot of new additions are to the OrderWise Stock Take grid, which sees 5 new fields now able to be pulled through to this grid. As well as these fields being simply viewable within the Stock Take screen, users also have the option to have these additional fields exported to excel when the grid itself is exported. This can be achieved through activating the relevant setting. These new fields are:

Stock TakeSales Variant

Manufactured Variant

Purchase Variant

Estimated Cost

Variant Analysis Character 1

With the addition of these new fields, OrderWise users can further ensure that when they are performing Stock Takes they have all the information they require, either in-system or via Excel.

Thanks to these new fields and enhancements, businesses using OrderWise can benefit from greater overall visibility of information along with even more flexibility over the fields that they are able to view within commonly used areas.

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