Benefit From On-Hand Support & Extensive New Development With OrderWise Support & Upgrade Packages

all-covered-160x160When setting out to look at a new business software solution companies not only need to consider functionality of the software but also the ongoing support and development offered by their chosen software provider.  When evaluating the options available, it is important for businesses to consider what solution is going to best serve their individual needs as a company, assist them as they continue to grow and also develop to accommodate new technologies.

When businesses purchase OrderWise, they invest in a comprehensive, scalable and tailored business management solution. One of the cornerstones of this solution is our Support & Upgrades packages, with each package aimed at meeting the unique requirements of the company taking out the software. As standard, each new software solution includes six months support and upgrades which businesses can then renew annually at the level which best meets their operational demands and provides the greatest value to their business.

Whether you’re an existing customer due to renew your support package with OrderWise or a company just beginning to enquire into OrderWise, our specially trained support staff and continuously developed software can help to ensure your business is always kept in safe hands. This month, we thought we’d take an in-depth look at some of the benefits of our great value support packages.

Telephone & Remote Support

With our customers using our software to effectively manage their entire businesses, we understand how important is that our users receive good customer service. Currently over 60% of our work force is working solely in support based roles, with each member of staff entering our support team going through a structured three month training course to ensure the right level of expertise and knowledge of OrderWise is attained.

Support & Upgrade Grid No Prices

Whether it is through email, a click from within OrderWise or a telephone call, this team of specially trained support technicians are on-hand to handle any questions or issues your business may encounter. Your support request will then be logged and placed into one of three categories – Emergency, Urgent or Standard. When selecting your Support & Upgrade package, you are provided with the flexibility to select the package with the average SLA response times for each of these categories that is best suited to your business.

Using remote assistance our ever-growing team of support technicians can securely connect to your systems, quickly resolve any problems you may have and altogether provide you with exceptional levels of support so that disruption to your day-to-day activities is avoided.

Development & Upgrades

Coupled with our dedicated support services is our regular software updates, allowing businesses to benefit from all the new functionality that we introduce into the system each month.

Orderwise SupportIn total, over £500,000 is committed each year into ongoing research, innovation, development and testing so that businesses can future proof their software investment. Our Development and Testing team are dedicated to using their 21+ combined years of experience to provide a cutting edge product packed with features and enhancements that meets the ever changing demands of today’s fast paced business environment.

With our software updates, businesses are again provided with the flexibility to choose the package suited to their own requirements. Up to 12 monthly updates are published each year, with businesses able to choose whether they receive 1, 4 or all 12 of these updates. So far this year, our developers have added well over 250 new modules, features, reports and general enhancements to OrderWise 2014. You can read about some of these new enhancements HERE. Should our software updates not provide the functionality required, businesses also have the benefit of being able to request custom development to meet their specific needs.

By receiving these software upgrades on a regular basis, OrderWise customers are able to immediately benefit from additional features and efficiencies to help them to maintain a competitive edge.

training thumbOrderWise Video Library & Training

Although each business taking out an OrderWise solution receives three days tailored training on the software as standard, it is important for users to ensure staff members have the ability to easily familiarise themselves with OrderWise should they be away for a long period of time, move to a new department where they’re required to use a new OrderWise module or simply a new employee.

In addition to the support and upgrade advantages, businesses who opt for the Advanced or Premium packages will also receive access to the OrderWise Video Library. This invaluable on demand resource provides users with a range of videos to help staff increase system knowledge requirements, eliminate common user queries, increase staff productivity and understand new features to ensure software benefits are maximised.

Should a need for more in-depth training be identified for any reason, our team of knowledgeable and skilled trainers are available to provide existing users with tailored sessions either remotely, at our dedicated training facilities or at their own premises.

Sage Dev smallSage 50 2015

Upon the imminent release, OrderWise users looking to upgrade their Sage 50 accounts package to Sage 50 2015 will need to ensure they upgrade to a version of OrderWise that links to the latest version of Sage.  This is currently expected to be the first upgrade following the release of Sage 50 2015 which will be our September v9.9 release. For more information, click HERE.

A Package To Suit Your Business

As you can see, with fast, extensive telephone and remote support, up to 12 software updates a year and on demand access to our video training library, our OrderWise Support & Upgrades packages are an essential for both existing customers and any business looking to implement an OrderWise solution.

By combining a tailored OrderWise software solution with a support package built to meet their needs, companies can ensure they are able to receive the modules, functionality, assistance and continued development required by their business.

For more information on OrderWise including Support & Upgrades packages, download our brochures or watch our videos.

Existing customers can visit the OrderWise Online Shop.

To discuss your requirements in more details contact us today on 01522 704083

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