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warehouse mediumOver the past year, more and more companies have been looking to implement new software to help better manage their day-to-day warehouse activities, whether that is introducing additional software features and barcode scanning functionality to existing systems or putting a whole new business management system in place. By simply adding this improved management to existing daily warehouse processes, businesses are able to see increases in the overall efficiency, accuracy and order throughput achieved, with profits and productivity raised as a result.

However a new software solution is only half the battle. It is no secret that introducing a new warehouse management system requires careful planning and preparatory work. To ensure the biggest and fastest possible return on their investment is achieved, businesses will often need to look at changes to their existing warehouse operations and setup when implementing new software and features.

Warehouse operations often evolve as a business grows, moulded to fit the constraints of existing systems businesses can often find warehouse layout, processes and management does not ensure maximum efficiency can be achieved.  Many companies recognise that implementing a new or expanding an existing warehouse management system goes hand in hand with reviewing and overhauling their existing warehouse operations to ensure the maximum benefits can be achieved.  However not all businesses have the required level of knowledge, experience and resource internally to identify the changes and improvements that need to made, the best way to configure walk routes, layout racking and bins, position stock, manage picking and put away etc. This results in companies having to turn to external consultants to provide the advice and help with best practices that they need.

Busy WarehouseGet Your Warehouse Set Up With OrderWise

Here at OrderWise however, we don’t do things by half. Whether you are a new customer implementing a new OrderWise solution or an existing customer adding one of our great new features, modules or rolling out our Mobile Warehouse Management Devices, we will not only provide you with the software but also offer invaluable guidance about the changes to processes and warehouse setup best suited to the operations and requirements of your business.

OrderWise actions over 100 implementations each year and with over 20 years of experience in helping businesses of varying industries, types and sizes in managing their stock control, warehouse activities and order processing, our expertise and credentials are simply unmatched. By combining technical knowledge, a powerful software solution and gathering an in depth understanding of each client’s operations and aims, we are able to advise about on the ground working processes, physical setup and best practice in a way that no outside consultant can match.

forkliftThat means from a warehouse perspective, if you want to know how best to set up your warehouse, layout your stock, which walk routes to use when performing tasks and which despatch processes to take, OrderWise can help. Not only will we show you how to get the most out of our software but we will also fully configure the software to the way that works best for you.

Included as part of all of our OrderWise software packages is a Project Coordination service to help guide you through implementation and ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. This includes data migration & build, setup and configuration assistance, tailored training and six months support and upgrades. Each customer is assigned a Project Manager with the full resources of our Project Team at their disposal including coordinators, data experts, trainers and more to help ensure that each of these key stages are completed successfully and a seamless transition is achieved.  Companies can also take further advantage of our invaluable experience with a range of additional services available.  These provide resources matched to the project requirements to deliver complete specification, consultancy, extensive on site pre and post go live assistance and a series of regular follow up assessments as each client requires to deliver successful results and ensure the best end to end solution is achieved.

ordewise-stock-control-softwareContinuously Evolving Business Management Software

However as stated before, it is not just new customers who can benefit from this service. Here at OrderWise we understand your business is constantly evolving, seeking out new opportunities, enhancing operations and as a result you are looking for more efficient ways of working as your business grows. That’s why OrderWise is designed as a scalable, modular solution so that our software can be constantly developed and enhanced for the benefit of our users. Just this year, OrderWise has seen 400+ new features, reports, modules and enhancements, which you can read all about HERE.

Just as our software continues to support your business, our Project Teams, Support Staff and Client Service Advisors will also continue to work with you beyond the implementation of OrderWise. The understanding and knowledge of your business your assigned Project Team built up during this process is retained and utilised as they continue to deal with your business needs once you are up and running with OrderWise. This makes them the ideal people to speak to about how OrderWise can meet any changing requirements as your business grows and develops.

Our team will happily talk you through how features work, let you know the benefits and arrange a demonstration if you would like to see it in action. Through talking to you about your business and what you want to achieve, your Project Team will then advise you on the best way of meeting your requirements.

Mobile WMS Countdown GreenWould you like to discover new ways you could use OrderWise to increase efficiency and productivity in the warehouse? No problem, our customer review service can send a Project Team member to your premises to look at how you work, how you use OrderWise and speak to you about what you want to achieve.

Interested in taking advantage of our Mobile Warehouse Management Devices to achieve a highly efficient, accurate and paper free warehouse environment? Want to reorganise your processes and warehouse at the same time to ensure full advantage of these mobile devices is gained? No problem, from barcoding, to bins, racking, walk routes and much more, our team can provide full training on the devices with full guidance on warehouse set up and process configuration.

By taking advantage of the highly trained and experienced services that OrderWise provides, you can be confident that throughout your implementation and continued development of OrderWise within your business, you won’t be alone. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff will be available for you every step of the way to discuss how best to use the system, tailor it to your exact requirements or simply address any questions you have and offer advice on how the business can expand.

For more information on OrderWise, download our brochures or watch our videos.

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