Benefit From Even Greater Flexibility When Assigning Orders To Picks

DespatchAny business will know that when it comes to despatching customer orders, there isn’t one set best method of practice. When it comes to determining the most effective way of working, it will all depend on the items being picked, the volume of orders being received and the size of the warehouse in operation, which is why despatch methods will often vary from business to business. However, with some businesses offering a wide variety of different items, selling through multiple channels and also trading both B2B & B2C, it can even be a case where the best method of picking will vary from order to order.

It may be that one order needs to be assigned to a single picker whereas another order needs to be split across multiple pickers. It may be that multiple orders from the same customer need to be collated and assigned to a single pick so they can be despatched at the same time, or it may be that multiple single line orders require one picker to go around collecting items into a tote trolley. If a business is encountering some or all of these situations, it is important to ensure each order is being assigned to a pick that allows it to be despatched in the most accurate and efficient way possible. Therefore, businesses should strive to have a flexible method of assigning their picks so that the method of despatch can differ from order to order if needed.

Warehouse Pick 350pxFast & Accurate Fulfilment With OrderWise Despatch

With the OrderWise Despatch module, businesses are already provided with great flexibility when it comes to assigning customer orders. With a clear visual indication of the current stock and allocation status for each order and order line, users can quickly filter and sort orders for despatch using a variety of criteria including sales order information, stock location, promised date, product code, stock status and more, allowing businesses to achieve complete despatch and pick management control. What’s more businesses can achieve automation in their pick assignment process through OrderWise Pick Rules, which allows users to determine the logic behind how picks are created and distributed, whether this is by the items on an order, the handling requirements e.g. heavy picks to a forklift picker, the location of the stock or anything else entirely.

Now in version 12.11 of OrderWise, the flexibility of OrderWise Despatch has been further extended to now allow the selection of pick type when assigning picks. With the relevant setting enabled, two new options will appear in the Assign drop-down menu which is located at the bottom of the Orders Requiring Picking grid. The first option “Assign Orders with Pick” will create a pick for the entire order, while “Assign Lines with Pick Type” will create a pick for the currently selected order lines.

Both these options will open a “Select Pick Type” form, proceeding the generation of the pick, to allow the user to choose the Pick Type of the pick. Selecting the normal pick option on this screen will assign a normal pick type and trolley pick will assign a multi-order tote pick type. There are then further settings available to decide which of these options is selected by default for greater pick assignment efficiency.

Thanks to this useful new addition, businesses using OrderWise Despatch can benefit from even greater flexibility when it comes to determining how sales orders are assigned to pickers. By having the ability to choose the picking method order by order and assign according to their needs, users can always ensure customer orders are being shipped in the fastest, most organised way possible.

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