Benefit From Exceptional Reliability In Your Store’s EPOS System

EPOSFor retailers with one or more brick-and-mortar stores as part of their sales operation, getting the right till system set up and point-of-sale interface installed is absolutely crucial. This is because in order to deliver the best service and promote returned custom, businesses know they need to have an EPOS system that is fast, robust and versatile enough to deal with all manner of situations that can occur within walk-in sales environments. However often one thing larger retailers will look out for when choosing an EPOS system is one that removes the worry of experiencing any downtime.

System downtime is every large retail store owner’s worst nightmare, however in reality if the retail store has strong internet coverage and a secure connection, even with a live EPOS system it is extremely rare for businesses to experience any downtime at all. That being said, businesses that are operating large retail environments across multiple stores, those where there retail shop is their main channel for sales or even those who just tend to have slower internet access, will often prefer an offline EPOS solution. For most, this is simply because it offers them the complete peace-of-mind that even the smallest risk of any downtime is completely eliminated.

EPOS checkout2Powerful & Dependable Touch Screen POS Software

With OrderWise Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) companies operating in a retail, trade counter or cash and carry environment are already provided with software that can help them to increase order processing efficiency, allowing for high service levels to be provided to valued customers. Designed to be easy to use even at the busiest times, each screen within the OrderWise Touch Screen EPOS system can be customised to meet requirements with the ability to add extra functionality and short cut buttons to the user interface both quickly and easily. A robust and dependable customer service tool, OrderWise EPOS offers multi-currency order processing and gives businesses the power to provide their clients with exceptional frontline service.

Traditionally OrderWise EPOS has been an internet-based solution, however as we have continued to grow so has the popularity of our EPOS solution. This growing interest has led to us recently being asked to help companies with increasingly larger retail operations and more diverse requirements to handle all of their walk-in counter sales. This has now led to an exciting new enhancement in version 11.6 of OrderWise that means users are now provided with the option of using our comprehensive EPOS solution in a new offline mode.

EPOS checkoutUse OrderWise EPOS In Either An Online Or Offline Mode – The Choice Is Yours

The difference with Offline EPOS is simply that when sales staff add items and create orders, this is done from a local database in the shop instead of the main OrderWise database. Information between these two databases is then passed through the use of the eCommerce module, with the shop database able to synchronise with the main OrderWise database through a series of plugins. These plugins will enable data such as product information, pricing and customers to be downloaded remotely for all the tills in that shop and then conversely allow any new sales orders to be sent back to the main OrderWise database.

Thanks to this fantastic new enhancement, businesses using OrderWise EPOS now have the flexibility to choose whether they wish to use this efficient and substantial order processing software in either a live or offline mode, providing both extra reliability and the functionality to cater for a wider range of point-of-sale requirements. Regardless of which mode of OrderWise EPOS is chosen, users will be able to ensure that their order processing is kept as streamlined as possible and that customers always leave satisfied with the experience they’ve received.

For more information on the OrderWise EPOS module or to find out more about other OrderWise Sales Order processing options including POS (Trade Counter) watch our videos and download the brochure.

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