Batch Supplier Invoice Entry

OrderWIse Accounts IntegrationsWhen placing supplier orders for stock, purchase orders would be raised, stock booked in against the purchase order and supplier invoices reconciled against the relevant purchase orders.  Functionality within OrderWise provides a range of options to make sure the process of raising PO’s, receiving goods and recording invoices is handled in the most efficient and accurate for each businesses requirements.  Integration with accounts software such as Sage 50 then allows the supplier invoices recorded with OrderWise to be posted in Sage 50 at the click of a button, removing rekeying and eliminating the opportunity for transposition errors.

Purchase invoice management

OrderWise also provides the ability for companies to raise purchase orders for non transactional items such as office consumables, services provided and more. Once received or performed these can have the supplier invoice reconciled and recorded against the purchase order and posted across to the accounts package.

This process however does not cover all purchasing activities performed by a business and many businesses may not have a requirement to raise purchase orders for many non transactional purchases, particularly for expense purchases, petty cash purchases and many office consumables and services.  In these instances it would require the invoices to be recorded directly within the accounts package, which although a simple task to perform does require the use of two applications while processing invoices.

Simple batch invoice entry functionality

The new Batch Supplier Invoice Entry feature within the Purchasing module of the 2013 v8.10 release provides businesses with the ability to record these invoices directly within OrderWise and have them posted into Sage 50 as part of their normal posting routine.

Using the Batch Supplier Invoice Entry feature, users can quickly record supplier invoices, recording the supplier, invoice date, nominal code, net amount, VAT amount and tax code.  A invoice reference can also be recorded such as supplier invoice number, job number, internal reference etc.  Multiple invoices can be added in one batch with copy down options to speed up entry.

Batch Supplier Invoice History is also available with date range filter, posted and not posted filter and the usual in grid options available. From this screen users would also be able to edit invoices.  An additional tab has also been added in the View Records To Post area of the Invoicing module for Batch Supplier Invoices.  This new feature is only available for posting to Sage 50 accounts software.

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