Batch Edit PO Line Costs & Quantities

OrderWise Purchasing ModuleWhen managing the purchasing of stock, it is not uncommon for businesses to have to update their purchase orders once they have been raised. There are various reasons this can occur, business requirements may have changed, supplier costs increased or a new price agreed based on the volume ordered. In other instances suppliers may simply state they are unable to meet business demand, resulting in changes to the quantity ordered.

In situations such as these, it is important for businesses to be able to easily update purchase orders en masse as often it can be a case where multiple purchase order lines are affected. A supplier may inform of a change in the ability to meet the quantity of items ordered with companies requiring the ability to update purchase order lines accordingly, especially if there are multiple purchase orders for the supplier outstanding. Similarly in cases where a new price is agreed based on the volume ordered, businesses will need to update pricing for all purchase order lines against the supplier where the item is featured.

If businesses do not have the ability to do this quickly, staff will be required to manually update each purchase order line individually, resulting in lost time, increased probability of errors occurring and greatly lowered productivity.

10055 - Batch Edit PO Lines new fieldsEasily Update Purchase Orders With Batch Edit Functionality

Now a new enhancement to the existing batch edit order lines functionality has been added in version 9.8 of OrderWise, with users now given the ability to edit item net and quantity ordered. To be able to edit these fields, users must ensure that the previously introduced purchasing user group setting to batch edit purchase order lines has been activated. When a quantity is edited, the related purchase order will be locked. This will ensure that the purchase order cannot be booked in while the quantity is being amended. Direct, back to back and selected supplier lines cannot have their quantities amended through the batch purchase order edit functionality.

With the addition of these two new editable fields, OrderWise Purchasing users are provided with even greater flexibility to how purchase order information can be edited, ensuring any changing internal requirements and supplier updates are handled both efficiently and effectively.

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