Barcode templates make scanning goods in easier

OrderWise HHT Mobile DeviceThe use of barcode scanning to book stock in enables fast and accurate goods receipt and, by taking advantage of the OrderWise HHT Mobile Devices for complete wireless warehouse management, there are huge speed and accuracy benefits to be gained.

However, newly arriving stock can often carry multiple barcodes that will need to be scanned during the goods in process such as one to identify the item itself with additional barcodes for recording batch and serial number traceability information.  While there is not going to be an issue in scanning the incorrect barcode to identify an item as this will need to match existing records in the system, the same cannot be said when scanning batch and serial number barcodes as these are recorded on receipt as part of the booking in process.  Faced with booking in stock with multiple barcodes, warehouse staff could incorrectly identify the barcode they need to scan or accidently scan the wrong one. Problems such as this not only reduces goods in efficiency, but also creates inaccuracies against stock information such as serial and batch numbers. This in-turn will negatively impact product traceability.

New development in the 2013 v9.4 release of OrderWise allows serial and batch number templates to be added to a stock item record so that serial and batch barcodes can be correctly recognised when scanned.

Serial & Batch TemplatesApplying serial and batch templates to reduce barcode scanning errors

These templates can be applied from within the general variant settings, under the Mobile Device Serial/Batch Templates section. Users can firstly choose the type of templates they wish to apply to the variant, whether they are using serial number, batch number or both kinds of traceability. By clicking on the barcode icon next to the box, users will be able to view detailed instructions and examples explaining how to setup a template.

Each template comprises of a unique code that outlines how many characters and numbers a HHT should expect to scan on a barcoded serial or batch number for that item. This code can then be entered into the box provided. These templates will then be passed down to the HHT via the data service and then applied and checked when creating new stock transactions. If the wrong barcode is scanned, an error message will appearing stating an incorrect serial/batch format has been used, alerting warehouse staff to the mistake.

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