Bar code scanning is the answer! What is the question?

Bar code technology is nothing new, having been in use commercially since the 1960’s it still offers an unrivalled cost effective method of quick and accurate identification.  As a standard used throughout the world it comes as no surprise that many companies are keen to adopt the technology and find ways it can be used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of day to day operations. 

In many instances however companies are unclear as to how this technology can benefit them and where it can be applied.  There are obvious uses in point of sale scenarios but in warehouse environments many businesses are often only broadly aware that it can be used but unsure as to the exact applications and scope.  As a result companies can be led to believe that using bar code scanning is the answer regardless of the end result needed to be achieved.

Bar code scanning is a small part of a bigger process

OrderWise Series 2 Mobile HHT Bar Code Ultimately a bar code is just a font type, taking numbers and letters such as a product code and converting it in to a bar code format.  Being able to scan a bar code rather than manually type in details has an instant time saving but only in the context of the task that is being performed.  At point of sale this simple scanning application means quickly building the sale but when we look at use within warehouse environments processes can have multiple stages.  While the scanning of bar codes again is of benefit at specific points of data entry for increased speed and accuracy, it only really becomes a useful tool if the software application behind it effectively controls the overall tasks being performed and improves upon previous methods. 

As standard the main OrderWise system will handle and create bar codes, ideal for roles that are performed in system such as packing, counter sales and potentially goods in.  These roles are normally performed in close proximity to a computer terminal and can utilise corded or Bluetooth bar code scanners for simple scanning tasks.  However the nature of warehouse tasks means staff are constantly on the move and need to productively utilise bar code scanning while mobile in a way that makes their job easier, more efficient and more accurate.

Utilise bar codes within effective warehouse processes.

Tote Picking Tote Bar Code ScanThe OrderWise HHT Mobile Devices provide a comprehensive solution to managing warehouse operations while taking full advantage of wireless bar code scanning.  These hand held terminals come with OrderWise Mobile Warehouse software installed and can send and receive information from the main OrderWise system wirelessly via wi-fi and 3G or when docked.  They do not require a constant connection, working seamlessly between online and offline modes with data transferred when a connection is identified.  This ability to work on and offline is essential as achieving 100% wi-fi coverage in all areas of a warehouse is virtually impossible.

The warehouse software included on each OrderWise Mobile HHT Device has been extensively and continuously developed resulting in the complete uptake of all functionality eliminating almost all paper documents from warehouse tasks. 

Modules included with OrderWise HHT Mobile Devices are:-

Goods In

Enables users to book goods in against purchase orders by bar code scanning of received stock.

Container Goods In

On container receipt goods can be booked in via bar code scan based on all purchase orders and order lines included within the received container.Mobile Goods In

Put Away

Following booking goods in to a put away location, users can scan stock from the Put Away bin onto a trolley.  When loaded the HHT Mobile Device will send stock details back and receive details of the picking bins stock is to be placed in, sending the user via the best walk route.

Stock Take

Users can be sent full or partial stock takes to their HHT device and can scan both bin and stock barcodes to accurately record stock levels before sending back to the main system.  Ideal for rolling stock takes with settings to exclude bins with allocations that are being actively picked from.

Adjust Stock

Adjust stock in and out with bin and bar code scan to ensure damage or discrepancies are easily managed and accurate stock levels are maintained

Move Stock

Record stock movements as they are performed using bar code bin and stock scanning, ensuring the main system is kept updated in near real time, movements are not missed and pickers are provided up to date picking details.

Move Bin

Allows a user to move the entire contents of one bin to another by using bar code scanning for fast bulk warehouse management.

Empty Bins

Ideal for identifying empty bins within the warehouse to provide instant details of where stock from stock or bin movements can be placed.

Tote Picking Stock Bar Code ScanBin Check

Quick bin bar code scan to provide details of what stock and what quantity is contained within the scanned bin.

Variant Check

Scan an items bar code for details of all bins with available stock.


Have picks sent straight to a users HHT Mobile Device.  Instructing pickers via the best walk route to items that require picking.  Options to enforce bin scan before the item is scanned.  Upon completion the pick details are then sent back wirelessly to the main system for packing and shipping.

See the HHT Picking video and HHT Brochure for more details.

Tote Picking

An incredibly fast, accurate and efficient method of picking multiple orders at the same time into containers (Totes).   Orders are sent directly to a users HHT and using bar code scanning of Totes (containers of packing materials) and stock via the best walk route, multiple orders can be picked simultaneously into Totes for fast order identification at packing and shipping.

See the Tote Picking Video & Brochure for more details.

Tote Check

Scan of a Tote bar code to provide details of the contents and order it is for.

Assess and identify were benefits exist.

As you can see, bar code scanning can play a fundamental role in warehouse operations, however it is the functionality behind this and the way it is used that dictates its effectiveness in improving operations.  The OrderWise HHT Mobile Devices have been developed using our over 20 years experience of stock control and order processing, this means we can help identify the warehouse processes that will benefit from using bar code scanning and HHT devices to ensure they deliver real results and efficiencies within the warehouse. 

For more information on how OrderWise can help businesses make effective use of bar code technology download our brochures or watch our videos.

Existing users can find out full details by visiting the OrderWise online shop.

To discuss your requirements in detail contact us today on 01522 704083.

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