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OrderWise eCommerce IntegrationOne problem all online businesses can encounter is having to manually restart their eCommerce sessions in the event that their system shuts down. This could happen for a number of different intentional or unintentional reasons. The server or machine running the eCommerce session could lose power, the person handling IT hardware may need to restart the computer to fix a problem or the system may simply require a restart as part of an upgrade process.

In order for online businesses to protect themselves against situations such as these, it is important for companies to have procedures in place to restart eCommerce sessions when systems are restarted. This ensures that maximum up time of eCommerce sessions is achieved so that disruption to online order processing and data exports is kept to a minimum and a potentially huge backlog of orders is carefully avoided.

11689 - Auto eCommerce - Task Configure 1Automated eCommerce Session Start Up

In version 9.9 of OrderWise, this protection has been provided to our eCommerce users in the form of a hugely beneficial new feature that allows a scheduled task to be created in Windows so that eCommerce sessions are automatically restarted on system start up.

This is achieved through the Windows Task Scheduler tool by firstly setting up a script for the eCommerce module. Once this has been configured, a scheduled task for the module with a trigger of when the computer starts and action of start a program can be entered through the task wizard. By selecting the option run whether the user is logged on or not, this would allow the scheduled task to be automatically started with Windows even after a restart.

11689 - Auto eCommerce - Task Configure 2Maximise eCommerce Session Up Time

Due to the technical nature of this new functionality and with businesses using different versions of the Windows Task Scheduler, existing users that require assistance can contact OrderWise support for assistance if they wish to have this feature set up on their system.

With the addition of this new functionality, businesses using OrderWise eCommerce can ensure that an extra safety net is placed over their sessions so that, in the event of system restart, daily online order processing activities will continue as normal with little interruption.

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