Automatically Alert Sales Staff When A CRM Task Has Been Assigned To Them

CRMIt is no secret that using CRM systems are a good way for businesses to effectively manage interactions between staff and customers, which can often provide businesses with the key to maximising their future sales opportunities and also improving their customer service. However when using these CRM systems to provide structured management over sales opportunity development, what can be a struggle is keeping sales teams notified when they have been assigned a new task. The problem is that with businesses using these systems and operating remotely with teams out selling on-the-road, working from home or simply based out of multiple locations, they are relying on staff checking to see if they have been given any new tasks to action.

This can cause issues because if tasks need to be actioned urgently, staff may not check their CRM system in time to see that they need to get back to a customer. Although staff may still be contactable by telephone or email, there is still the chance that the person tasked with calling or emailing them to make them aware that there is something they need to do becomes distracted and forgets to do this, which can often happen in busy sales environments. If sales staff miss picking up tasks assigned to them on a regular basis, this can cause lowered customer service levels and missed opportunities to maximise profitability.

New Email AlertAchieve Structured Management of Sales Opportunities With OrderWise CRM

With OrderWise CRM, businesses are already provided with a comprehensive solution to effectively manage new enquiries and customer account contact. By using OrderWise CRM, businesses are able to fully customise opportunity details, milestones and tasks to suit their requirements, organise their staff’s time through diary and pipeline management, as well as obtain easy access to an entire history of customer conversations to use for sales advantage. You can read more on OrderWise CRM HERE.

Now a fantastic new enhancement has been added in version 11.6 of OrderWise, which enables an email to be automatically generated when CRM tasks are assigned or rescheduled. Once the relevant setting has been activated, when a CRM task is assigned, reassigned, scheduled or rescheduled, an email record will be generated and added into an email queue. This email queue will then be automatically processed through a schedule service task with the HTML email sent directly to the assigned user’s email address, with businesses also able to set up the number of retries in case the email fails to send initially. These emails will have a subject line of New Task Assigned followed by the Task Name and then the body of the email will be made up of the Task ID and Task Description, ensuring the member of staff to which the email is being sent has all the information they need to follow this up correctly.

task assignmentOutput Opportunities, Milestones, Tasks & Activities

As well as being able to automatically email newly assigned or rescheduled tasks, functionality has also been added this month to allow businesses to output any CRM Opportunity, Milestone, Task or Activity.

Facilitated by new standard layouts being added, OrderWise CRM users needing to easily update managers with sales opportunity progress, send task or activity information across to colleagues or simply keep a hard copy record of customer interactions can now do so by simply pressing the output button. Once the user has selected which level of opportunity they wish to output, the layout generated will contain all the information below that point, e.g. outputting a milestone will also contain details for attached tasks and activities.

With these new enhancements, businesses using OrderWise CRM to manage opportunity progression can now benefit from being able to easily and accurately keep staff up-to-date with important assignments and new customer interactions, allowing them to maintain high customer service levels at all times. What’s more, through managing staff notifications and the passing of significant data effectively, OrderWise CRM users can ensure that every sales opportunity presented to them is always fully maximised.

You can read about OrderWise CRM’s new Calendar Integration Feature which has also been added this month in the blog HERE.

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