Automatically Unbuild Kits Into Components When Returned

Returns thumbWhen buying and selling kitted products, the decision on how best these items should be stocked can be a common challenge for many businesses. Some kits such as bed frames and other furniture will be bought in and sold as a whole unit but stored as individual components when held in stock in. However other kits may be made up of products that are sold and stocked as individual items in their own right but then also sold as a bundle or gift set.

Although deciding how kits are booked into stock on the back of a purchase order is often an obvious and straight forward affair as they are received as components, booking in kits on the back of a customer return comes with extra considerations. For some companies when a kitted item is sold it becomes a fully built item that cannot be converted back into its component parts, while for  others they may wish to physically split their kits back into the individual components to then be sold again as a full kit or as individual items in their own right. If this is an option, then it makes sense to book returned kits back into stock as individual components as it provides more versatility as to how the stock can be then used to fulfil new orders.

12179 - Unbuild Kits System SettingFlexible Handling Of How Returned Kits And Their Components Are Managed

With this in mind, new functionality added in version 10.2 of OrderWise enables users to now unbuild kits when booking them in on the back of a return. This feature is activated by a new returns system setting and once turned on will automatically split a kit back into its individual components when returned.

With the addition of this great new feature, companies using the OrderWise Returns module and selling kitted products can benefit from greater flexibility as to how returned kits are booked back into stock and used to fulfil future customer order requirements.

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