Automatically allocate stock when a sales order is saved

OrderWise Sales ModuleMeeting customer demand is an integral part of any successful business operation, driving increased profitability and high levels of customer satisfaction. This makes it important for businesses to maintain a regular supply of stock in order to fulfil customer orders and contracts. To ensure this is being achieved, stock items need to be allocated carefully based on required and promised dates.

It may often be the case where stock promised or ordered for one customer is used to satisfy another where the customer needs the stock more urgently. In other cases, items may be ordered by a customer that are out of stock, yet to be received or otherwise unavailable, resulting in direct, back-to-back or manual purchase orders being raised. The need to meet these common and varied requirements makes a flexible stock allocation system a critical tool for any business. By accommodating for all situations, a business can ensure profitability is being maximised and all sales opportunities are being capitalised.

Allocate stockĀ in sales more efficiently

Stock AllocationWith OrderWise there are a number of different places that a user can choose to allocate stock: in purchase orders, stock transfers, despatch, within the OrderWise allocation module or within the sales order itself. Within many businesses available stock will be allocated on a first come first served basis and is particularly common when limited stock is being sold by multiple sales staff. In the 2014 v9.5 release of OrderWise, the ability to allocate stock when a sales order is raised has been extended to provide users with the option to automatically allocate stock when the order is saved.

Previously, users were required to select the designated allocations tab within the sales order and allocate the stock in the subsequent window. However with the introduction of this new feature, OrderWise customers that wish to allocate stock at this stage can do so more efficiently, with less mouse clicks required to make the allocation. This functionality can be easily activated by selecting to apply the auto allocate on sales order save option within the user group sales order entry settings. Depending on the item settings, stock will be allocated based on either a First In-First Out (FIFO) or Soonest Expiry Date basis. The allocation tab within sales orders can also still be used once the order is saved if required.

With this new development, users are presented with another point from which they can allocate stock to a sales order, adding to the adaptability of OrderWise to suit the needs of any business.

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