Automatic Opportunity Scheduling Added To OrderWise CRM

CRM Customer Relationship ManagerThere are many companies that will require their staff to have periodic contact with certain customers. Some businesses will have account managers that will need to make monthly calls to their accounts, others may be operating an annual or monthly service where they need to make contract renewal calls. In some cases, businesses may be required to call customers at a specific time to take recurring orders.

In all these situations, companies are reliant on staff to make contact with customers after a set period of time. If not managed correctly, businesses can find themselves missing out on sales opportunities and customer relationships suffering. Therefore it is important for businesses to have procedures in place to ensure organised management of these calls is achieved, so that sales can be maximised and relationships with customers maintained.

10271 - Automatic Opp ScheduleEasy Management Of Repeated Tracks And Recurring Opportunities

To assist with this, a new feature has been added to OrderWise CRM in version 9.9 to allow users to manage repeating tracks and automatically schedule opportunities. To use this functionality there is a new option available against the CRM Track setup.

This is ideally designed to have these recurring activities set against a specific track. By simply activating the repeating track tick box, users are then able to choose the number of days following completion that a new opportunity will be scheduled for and the time at which it would be scheduled. The scheduling of the first task against the automatically created opportunity will also be affected by the CRM Track settings, exclude weekends and exclude bank holidays.

Achieve Structured Management Of Customer Relationships

Once the track has been set up, the first opportunity would be created manually and the automatically repeated opportunity would be created at the point this was completed. If one of these opportunities was completed late or early, this would then set the new opportunity based on the closed date.

This great new addition to OrderWise CRM further enhances the structured management of customer relationships provided by this module, enabling users to keep on top of account calls, contract renewals and customers with which they regularly need to touch base.

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