Automatic control of items only sold online

eCommerce IntegrationIt is a common occurrence that many multi channel retailers will adopt a channel specific pricing approach to ensure they are as competitive as possible in each channel they operate in.  This is now a well established practice and one especially implemented by companies that sell through both online and offline channels.

Only available online!

A strategy that is becoming increasingly more prevalent with companies selling via on and offline channels is having items that are only available via their online channels.  We see this regularly with many high street retailers, sometimes using it as a tool to drive sales through the website were up selling can be achieved more readily and opening up opportunities to grow marketing databases.  In some cases this is driven by logistics and supply chain, allowing items to be fulfilled from a central location direct to a customer rather than distributing to separate stores, often used when stock availability is limited.

In recent years more wholesalers and distributors have looked to capitalise on online sales opportunities and reach consumers directly via a website or through marketplaces such as ebay and Amazon.  This can often lead to items being sold in smaller quantities then traditionally handled, new brand identities established to distance the online retail and traditional wholesale operations and products specifically stocked for online channels only.  In all of these examples along with many others the situation of only wanting these items to be purchased online and not in store, over the phone or by manual order entry can arise.

Greater control of online selling

A new development to the eCommerce module in the 2013 v8.12 release now enables this requirement to be automatically handled.  OrderWise already allows users to set against a variant a list of who is allowed or not allowed to purchase it.  A new setting within the Advanced Settings tab within Import Detail of an eCommerce Session setup has now been included to ‘Override the Variant disallow settings’.  With this setting activated it enables an item to be controlled so that the only way it can added to a sales order would be if was downloaded into OrderWise from an online channel.

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